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New Arm Positioner

For patients required to lay in a supine position with their arms positioned above their head, feeling comfortable is almost an impossible without a support. This arm(s) positioner, called the “ATTENUATE ARMS POSITIONER," offers improvements over similar products. It's constructed of high-density foam—soft, yet firm. A polyethylene material supports the base. A polyethylene base helps maintain rigidity and the handle on the base makes for ease in handling and to store on the wall when not in use. A slightly elevated angle allows the arms to rest, with an additional angle for the wrist area. Patients have a choice: to hold onto a soft "Grip Ring" (included) or just relax.

This positioner is excellent for esophagus, chest, pancreas, ribs, and breast radiation therapy treatment technique. The patient can be set-up and treated in a fixed position throughout the imaging procedure. Excellent for oblique and lateral technique. It is also helpful for any treatment technique which requires the patient to have only one arm in the extended position.

  • Washable Blue Vinyl Covering
  • CT Compatible
  • Perfect for Radiation Therapy
  • Includes the Positioner, one set of Head Supports and a 4 1/4" (10.8 cm) Grip Ring.
9 months ago
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