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Wheelchair Seating Issues Escalate as Body Weight Increases

Proper adjustment and accommodation for wheelchair seating is more complicated with obese patients. For example, when a bariatric patient is sitting, their body mass may take up more space due to soft tissue areas or chest/abdomen expansion. Overweight individuals may have unique complications in finding comfortable seating due to varying body types and needs. For decades though, a standard wheelchair in the U.S. has typically been designed to measure 18” wide x 16” deep with a 250-pound weight capacity. Today’s standard wheelchair is a tight fit for most of the adult population, especially those who are struggling with obesity.

The medical field today is witnessing a redefinition of the standard for wheelchair sizes across the market, simply due to the rising influx of patients who no longer fit within the boundaries of traditional wheelchairs. A recent survey by a healthcare purchasing group company revealed that nearly half of U.S. hospitals are admitting more morbidly-obese patients than they did just two years ago.

There has been a large demand for wider wheelchairs that can offer flexibility in use by a varying number of patients. The need is twofold, as clinicians are requesting not only wider seats, but also wheelchairs that can support up to 50 pounds more than the 250-pound standard, making 300-pound weight limits a normal request from equipment buyers today.

In response to the market demand, Z&Z Medical has broadened our product line of wheelchairs by rolling out wheelchairs that features a 20” wide seat that is also 18” in depth, and an overall weight capacity to 300 lb. (evenly distributed) 

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Service the Bariatric Community in your Imaging Department

If you are imaging larger patients, it is important to understand the different variety of products available to properly care for them while they are in your imaging department. Our Gendron line of Patient Handling Products is designed with specific features that address the needs of those patients. Wheelchairs with seat widths up to 34" supporting up to 850 lb (385 kg), Steel structured Lift Systems supporting up to 1,000 and Bathroom Safety carefully designed to not only support but provide comfort are just a few within our offerings. We carry a wide varriety of imaging accessories for your bariatric patients. Visit us online at for more information or reach out to us via email at .

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