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Happy Easter from the folks at Z&Z Medical

In celebration of the Easter Holiday, we at Z&Z Medical would like to invite everyone to enjoy some relaxing time with their families and maybe reflect on some of the things that make our lives enjoyable. Take a moment to focus on the promise this country offers of freedom to practice any religion or faith of your choice. Please reach out to one another with love and support of these freedoms and extend a hand of fellowship together as one nation regardless of who your savior is. Give an extra hug to your kids, family, loved ones and friends and wish them a blessed day. We all share this big world, and it is our hope that by doing it together, we can achieve peace, freedom, and acceptance of one another for a better tomorrow. Consider a quote that holds a lot of meaning when attempting to live in harmony with all the people and religions of the world, “Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; Argument is an exchange of ignorance”.

From the folks at Z&Z Medical, Happy Easter to all.

Please note that the offices of Z&Z Medical will be closed Friday April 15th in honor of the Easter Good Friday tradition.

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