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Lint Free Wipes for Ultrasound Probes helps with Joint Commission Inspections

Lint-free wipes are an essential tool for cleaning ultrasound probes and ensuring that they are free of contaminants that could potentially affect the cleanliness of the probe. Proper cleaning of ultrasound probes is important for several reasons, including patient safety, maintaining the accuracy and reliability of the images produced by the probe, and meeting the recommendations of organizations such as the Joint Commission.

There are a few key features that make our lint-free wipes superior for cleaning ultrasound probes:

  1. Absence of fibers or particles: As mentioned, lint-free wipes are specifically designed to be free of any fibers or particles that could potentially contaminate the probe or the images produced by it. This makes them ideal for use in environments where even the smallest particle could potentially cause problems.
  2. High absorbency: Lint-free wipes are highly absorbent, which makes them ideal for disinfecting and sanitizing probes using a sanitizing spray
  3. Non-abrasive: Lint-free wipes are also non-abrasive, which means that they will not scratch or damage delicate surfaces or equipment.
  4. Easy to use: Lint-free wipes are convenient and easy to use, making them a practical choice for cleaning ultrasound probes.

In addition to the above features, it's important to ensure that the lint-free wipes you use for cleaning ultrasound probes are compatible with the disinfectant or cleaning solution you are using. This will help to ensure that the probe is properly cleaned.  

Overall, lint-free wipes are an essential tool for maintaining the cleanliness and accuracy of ultrasound probes. They are specifically designed to remove contaminants and prevent the spread of particles, making them a superior choice for cleaning these types of sensitive medical devices.

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Sono Disinfecting Wipes

SONO Disinfecting Wipes are trusted by hospitals, medical professionals, gyms and schools to clean equipment and surfaces that have been exposed to some of the worst germs on the planet. Sono Wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria and over 47 pathogens.

  • Medical equipment such as CPAP machines and nebulizers should be disinfected monthly to prevent germ build-up.
  • Desktop and laptop computers are prone to collect germs on keyboards, touchpads and mice. These devices should be wiped at least monthly to minimize bacteria.
  • Cell phones, tablets and video game devices should also be disinfected regularly. Be sure to allow them to completely dry before use to ensure all germs are killed.
  • Home phones, stereo systems and thermostats should be wiped at least monthly to prevent the risk of spreading viruses.
  • Automotive surfaces including the steering wheel, radio, door handles and shifter are areas commonly overlooked, but need to be disinfected.

The EPA has approved  SONO Ultrasound Wipes as a way to fight COVID-19.  

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