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Densitometers and Sensitometers

Densitometers and Sensitometers

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  1. Densonorm 21 ECO

    Ships in 24-48 Hours

    Densonorm 21 ECO

    21 step sensitometer and densitometer
    with measuring arm integrated in one unit.
    For constancy testing of film processing and measurement
    of test phantom films.

    Combines two pieces of test equipment into just one.  Flash the 21 step wedge pattern onto the film using the Densonorm.  Develop the film using darkroom processor.  Measure the density of any of the 21 density blocks using the Densonorm and record for your records.

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  2. Densonorm 21i Combination Densitometer / Sensitometer

    Ships in 3-5 Business Days

    21 step sensitometer and densitometer with measuring arm and scanner for motorized measurement of 21 step film strips in one unit. Automatic calculation of speed index, contrast index (according to DIN or ANSI), LE, LK, rel. speed and aver. gradient.Memory function stores density values for up to 3 film strips. RS-232 interface for connection to a PC or compat. printer i-CAL: high precision sensitometer calibrated per DIN 6868/55. Suitable for use for acceptance testing.

    i-CAL-LAB: especially designed for professional laboratory use. Densitometer with highest precision and calibration of 10 points of the measurement range. Motorized measurement of 21-steps with density control.

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  3. X-Rite Densitometer Model 331C

    Regular Price: $1,545.00

    Special Price $1,435.00

    Ships In 24-48 Hours Limited Quantities

    X-Rite Densitometer Model 331C

    Performance Features
    The new 331C Transmission Densitometer is portable and compact yet has the same accuracy and repeatability as larger countertop units, measuring densities up to 4.0 D

    New features include:
    • New NiHyD battery that delivers greater than 2,000 measurements per battery charge, a 333% improvement over the current 331!
    • Takes only 1 hour to fully charge from a discharged state, compared to 14 hours with the old battery!
    • Uses standard 12VDC battery charger and is considerably more power efficient! The charger is only active when the battery requires charging
    • New LED indicator light indicates instrument charging status!
    • New “Sleep” mode powers down the instrument when not in use to conserve battery power!
    • Easy to read touch pad!
    • EnergyStar compliant!

    This unit comes with a full 1 year manufacturers warranty.

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  4. X-Rite Densitometer Calibration Film

    Ships within 24 hrs

    X-Rite densitometer calibration strip to be used with X-Rite Model 331, 301, 391, and 390U. Learn More

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