NEW Body Composition Scales

The new generation of body composition analysis!  Z&Z Medical is excited to partner with SECA to probide you our customers with two new BCA scales.  These scales are the result of long-term cooperation with medical experts and research in the field of body composition. In addition to outstanding precision and accuracy, you receive an completely user-friendly and practical BIA solution.  These are just two of the variety of scales that we have to offer. Visit the Scales Section of our website to view the mobile BCA scale and our 660 lb weight capacity standing scale.

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We've Added Two New Scales

The number-one-selling medical scale company in North America now offers an antimicrobial wall-mounted fold-up wheelchair scale that supports up to 1000 pounds and provides the optimum in quality, reliability, and ease of use. The low profile scale extends off the wall 3.5” when folded up and is excellent for facilities that need to save space. A Must have for any imaging department.

Also new is the Revolutionary Patient Transfer Scale. This is a transfer board with a built-in medical scale that provides a weight measurement when transferring a patient. All departments can benefit from the Patient Transfer Scale, particularly Stroke Units, the ER, ICU, and Radiology. 

These are just two of the many scales Z&Z Medical has to offer. Take a moment to view our products in the Scale Section of our website.

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NEW Compression Device for Ring Removal

Removal of a stuck ring is a medical problem that is very common. However, there is limited consensus on the best approach to care for a patient with a stuck ring. Commonly used approaches include lubricant, localized cooling, various forms of finger wrapping, attempts at ring and finger manipulation, and finally cutting or breaking the ring for removal. Each approach has its limitations and potential complications. Rings can also have sentimental value to the patient and destroying or damaging a ring may not be acceptable to the patient. Now there is a finger compression device that reduces swelling in a patients finger so the ring can be more easily removed.  Visit our Website to learn more.

4 days ago
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A New Category on our Website

Z&Z Medical is excited to expand our product offerings and offer our customers a wide variety of Skeletons and Phantoms. 

Quality Control (QC) Phantoms are designed to provide radiologic technologists with an accurate, easy to use tool for evaluating the image quality and performance of imaging equipment and systems. We offer a variety of phantoms to assist in the quality assurance testing.  

Take a moment to browse the many full body skeletons and body phantoms that we also offer. Unique models offer excellent training opportunities for x-ray positioning and alignment techniques in projection radiography. Perfect for Radiographic training programs, colleges, and universities. 

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Visit Z&Z Medical at FIME and see What we have to offer!

Come Visit us in Miami Beach Florida for FIME!

Florida International Medical Expo is the Americas' leading medical trade fair and exhibition, gathering thousands of medical device and equipment manufacturers and suppliers, dealers, distributors and other healthcare professionals from across the United States, Central, South America and the Caribbean.

Z&Z Medical is so excited to be exhibiting for the first time at FIME!  This Medical Expo is the leading event in the medical device and equipment sector for the Americas and is being held at the Miami Convention Center in Miami Beach Florida. 

The show provides a strong business platform to more than 700 exhibitors from more than 45 countries, including country pavilions to showcase cutting edge device innovations and solutions. 

Z&Z Medical will give you an opportunity to see the latest in Radiation Protection, Portable Blanket Warmers, as well as a variety of new imaging accessories like our exclusive coated table pads. We are looking forward to meeting new distributors and dealers!  Stop by our Booth A71 to learn more about Z&Z Medical and the products we have to offer.   #FIME2022 

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