Z&Z Medical is proud to offer Radiology Students a 10% discount off the list price for any x-ray marker set or replacement (right or left marker) with your initials.  We’re excited to partner with you during your time in school.   We understand student budgets and the need for never being without your markers. We are excited that you have chosen the career of Radiology and look forward to providing you the highest quality imaging accessories and markers now and in the future.   Use Promo Code STUDENT10 at checkout. Visit to start saving!



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Hug Your Cat Day!

Hug Your Cat Day, sometimes referred to as National Hug Your Cat Day, is an unofficial holiday celebrated on June 4. It is a perfect opportunity for all cat owners to express a little extra love to their furry companions. The origin of Hug Your Cat is unknown, but do you really need justification to give a hug to your furry friend? Go ahead and give your cat a big squeeze!

If your cat is a cuddler, consider yourself lucky. You can curl up on your couch, cuddling with your cat. In case your pet is not fond of hugs, make it quick and beware of claws. If you don’t have your own cat to hug, ask a friend who owns a cat to lend you their pet for some much needed cuddling. We are sure they won’t deny you! Or you can adopt a cat from a local shelter and hug your new pet as much as you want.

While today is the day to love on cats, keep in mind that good health and regular visits to the veterinarian for checkups is important. Z&Z Medical carries a full line of imaging accessories to help veterinary facilities image our furry friends. Keep us in mind when you need to update your facility for positioning accessories or radiation protection.

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National Cancer Survivors Day

National Cancer Survivors Day 2021 is an international event to raise awareness of cancer, sufferers and survivors, the event is held on Sunday June 6th, and on the first Sunday in June every year. National Cancer Survivors Day is a CELEBRATION for those who have survived, an Inspiration for those recently diagnosed, a gathering of support for families, and an outreach to the community. The day is a day of celebration for all cancer survivors and their friends and families and a day to raise awareness of cancer and how it affects lives. The event is a celebration of who have survivors, hope for the newly diagnosed, support for affected families and outreach in the community.

Visit the official website of National Cancer Survivors Day to learn more: Home - National Cancer Survivors Day® (

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FREE Thyroid Collars included with Your Guardian Apron Purchase

Medical Imaging professionals have to wear protective gear to keep themselves safe while they are working around Radiation. One essential part of this gear is the Thyroid Collar, which is used to shield the wearer from radiation exposure to the thyroid gland. Z&Z Medical, a leading supplier of imaging accessories and supplies, has recently released their new Guardian aprons, which come with a free thyroid collar !

Guardian aprons are made from high-quality materials that provide excellent protection against radiation. They are available in different sizes, and the design ensures a comfortable fit that allows for easy movement during imaging procedures. Additionally, the aprons are lightweight, making them easy to wear for extended periods without causing fatigue.

One of the standout features of the Guardian aprons is the included FREE thyroid collar. This is a crucial addition because the thyroid gland is highly sensitive to radiation. The thyroid collar is made from the same high-quality materials as the apron, ensuring that the wearer is fully protected during medical imaging procedures.

Z&Z Medical is known for our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, and the Guardian aprons are no exception. The aprons come in a variety of standard sizes to suit the preferences of different healthcare professionals.  

In conclusion, the new Guardian aprons from Z&Z Medical are an excellent choice for medical professionals looking for reliable radiation protection. The inclusion of a FREE thyroid collar is a significant bonus, ensuring that the wearer is fully protected during medical imaging procedures. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Z&Z Medical is an excellent choice for all your medical equipment and supply needs.

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Congratulations to our founders on their Retirement

Wishing all the best to our three founding founders of Z&Z Medical. We hope you enjoy a new life full of adventures, rest, and loved ones during this next chapter of retirement. You will truly be missed.

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