New Year – Perfect Time for New Sponges?

If you haven’t noticed already, Z&Z Medical is committed to working with X-Ray Imaging Facilities to offer the best products at the best prices. And when we had the opportunity to improve upon an industry standard and provide an even better product—we jumped at the opportunity!  Not many suppliers can offer you a 100% Guarantee that you will LOVE our new Closed Cell Foam Positioners. They are Radiolucent, Artifact-Free and 100% Cleanable!  Who could ask for anything more?

Z&Z Medical has an array of shapes and sizes to meet a wide range of imaging applications. PLUS they are in stock and ship in just 24 hours! These Innovative Closed Cell Sponges are Exclusive Products of Z&Z Medical. We are extremely proud to introduce these to the medical imaging community and are absolutely sure that once you try them, they will be your favorite sponges!  Artifact-free, 100% Cleanable and Durable. These innovative Closed Cell Sponges are making a major impact in the technologist community and in every imaging department. Order your set today!

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NEW Radiation Table Drape Scatter Shields

Z&Z Medical’s Exclusive Table Drape Single Sided Shielding is designed to protect radiology and healthcare staff from dangerous scatter radiation without obstructing the C-Arm. Pleated panels overlap 1” to provide maximum coverage without hindering the c-arm tube placement. These protective drapes provide 0.5mm Pb equivalent protection and are manufactured with Lightweight Lead.  Attaches easily to any imaging table or gurney by connecting the 2” non-media table drape flap with sewn in hook to lay on top of a 2” self-adhesive black loop that you attach to the table or gurney. For double sided protection, simply order two drapes (one for each side of the table/gurney). Can be cleaned with 10% bleach solution or any medical grade disinfectant wipe or spray.  

  • Core Material: Lightweight Lead
  • Core Material Thickness: 0.5mm Pb equivalent protection
  • Covering: Classic Easy to Clean Nylon
  • Colors: 112 Grey (default), 110 Taupe, 108 Royal Blue, 114 Black
  • Three standard widths: 24”, 36” and 48”
  • Three standard heights: 24” , 30”, and 36”
  • Custom table drapes are also available
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New Year - Fresh Start. Stock Up with Z&Z Medical

January is a perfect time to stock up on those much needed every day items. Z&Z Medical carries a wide variety of High Pressure Disposable Syringes, Skin Markers, Sterile Drapes and Covers, Cassette Covers, Labels and Stickers to just name a few. 

We also have Sterile Radiation Gloves that protect hands from scatter radiation during interventional radiology or surgical procedures. They come in a variety of sizes too!

Shop now and save on popular products at

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X-ray markers are an essential part of every x-ray technologist's job and having your correct initials is important!  Maybe your got married,or changed your name last year. The New Year is a perfect time to update your markers with correct initials or stock up on a few extra sets. Made right here in the USA, these lead markers are all made using quality plastic or aluminum casings to ensure longevity and superb quality. They can be customized with your initials or numbers and all ship rather quickly.  Take a moment to order some NEW Markers Today!  Visit our website to place your marker order today.

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January is National Thyroid Awareness Month

The American Thyroid Association composed of 1700b clinician and scientist from 70 countries around the world, is dedicated to serving as an educational resource for the public by supporting thyroid research and promoting the prevention, treatment, and cure of thyroid related diseases and thyroid cancer. Learn more at   Z&Z Medical is proud to partner with a variety of top notch manufacturers to provide the best Thyroid protection for Radiologists, X-Ray Technologists, and Imaging Healthcare professionals. Visit our website to update your Thyroid Collar today.  #thyroidawareness

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