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Custom Lead X-ray Word Markers from Z&Z Medical

When it comes to radiology, precision and safety are paramount. X-ray lead markers are essential tools used to ensure accurate image annotation during radiographic procedures. If you're looking for top-quality lead markers that offer durability, visibility, and regulatory compliance, look no further than Z&Z Medical.

Every radiology practice has its own unique needs and preferences. Z&Z Medical understands this and offers customization options for their X-ray Word Lead Markers. You can choose from a variety of sizes, colors, and styles to suit your specific x-ray marking requirements, helping you create a personalized solution that best fits your practice.

By choosing Z&Z Medical as your trusted source, you can upgrade your radiology practice with confidence. Choose Z&Z Medical for your X-ray Word Lead Markers today.

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It's a New Year - Do you Need New Markers?

Is it Time to Update or Replace Your X-ray Markers?

X-ray markers are essential tools in X-Ray. They help ensure accurate and consistent imaging for radiographic procedures, reducing the chances of errors and retakes. It may be time to consider updating or replacing your x-ray markers with new employees, or employees with name changes. Z&Z Medical carries a wide variety of x-ray lead markers for all your needs. Visit our website to place an order today!

The New Year is a perfect time to update your markers with correct initials or stock up on a few extra sets. Made right here in the USA, these lead markers are all made using quality plastic or aluminum casings to ensure longevity and superb quality. They can be customized with your initials or numbers and all ship rather quickly.  Take a moment to order some NEW Markers Today!  Visit our website to place your marker order today.

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Add a Spooky Twist to Radiology with Skull and Zombie X-Ray Lead Markers from Z&Z Medical!

Who says it can't be a little spooky and fun, especially during Halloween season in your department? If you're a radiologic technologist or simply someone who enjoys adding a dash of the macabre to everyday life, you'll love the skull and zombie x-ray lead markers from Z&Z Medical. These markers not only help ensure accurate X-ray imaging but also bring a touch of Halloween spirit to your day.

  1. A Spooky Aesthetic: What sets these lead markers apart is their striking and playful design. The skull and zombie motifs add a spooky aesthetic that's perfect for the Halloween season or for anyone who appreciates a touch of the macabre year-round. 

  2. Personalization: Z&Z Medical offers customization options, allowing you to add your name or initials or numbers to the markers.  

  3. Affordable and Accessible: Despite their high quality, these lead markers are affordable. Z&Z Medical understands the importance of making it easier for small clinics and large hospitals alike to invest in these fun and functional markers.

 So, why not inject a bit of spooky fun into your radiology department this Halloween with Z&Z Medical's fun lead markers?  Orders yours today!

*5 business day lead time.

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Student and Teacher Discounts on X-Ray Markers for School!

X-Ray Markers for School

Z&Z Medical is proud to support our Radiology Schools and support the students on their educational journey through school. We also understand being a student is hard on the wallet. We offer a 15% off discount for teachers ordering 20 or more sets of markers for their students and we also offer 10% off markers for existing students who may need to reorder markers for the upcoming school year.

Z&Z Medical is proud to offer Radiology Students a 10% discount off the list price for any x-ray marker set or replacement (right or left marker) with your initials.  We’re excited to partner with you during your time in school.   We understand student budgets and the need for never being without your markers. We are excited that you have chosen the career of Radiology and look forward to providing you the highest quality imaging accessories and markers now and in the future.   Students use Promo Code STUDENT10 at checkout to start saving!

Z&Z Medical carries a wide range of marker styles to meet all school requirements and at fast turn around times.  Have a question about your initials or group orders?  Contact us at info@zzmedical.com with your questions or talk with us online at www.zzmedical.com with our "Live Chat" Option.

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Xray markers for school

Lead markers for radiography are also known by a number of different names including Pb markers, X-ray markers, anatomical side markers, and radiographic film identification markers.  Most lead markers come color-coded to denote right and left on X-ray or radiographic images to assist the student or radiologic technologist on identifying the right and left side of the body. The lead markers will generally have a letter R for the right and the letter L for the left as well as the radiologic technologist (R.T.s) initials.

Radiologic Technology Program

When students are admitted into a radiologic technology program it can be overwhelming at first. There are a number of important things that you have to take care of before your first day of class. One being ordering your lead x-ray markers.  It is common practice to require the student to purchase their own set of markers before starting the program although some schools provide lead markers for their students. Lead markers are usually customized with the students initials and thereby used to identify which procedure was performed by the student. 

Z&Z Medical is committed to helping students with their lead x-ray markers. We offer 10% to all students. Simply use Promo Code Student10 at checkout.   

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