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It's National Farm Animal Day 2024

National Farm Animals Day, celebrated annually on April 22nd, is a day to recognize and appreciate the important role that farm animals play in our lives. At Z&Z Medical, we want to take this opportunity to highlight some of the X-ray accessories that we offer that can be used for imaging farm animals.

Our selection includes a variety of large animal positioning aids and immobilization devices that are designed to keep farm animals still during the X-ray procedure. These include:

  • Large animal X-ray immobilization straps that are designed to keep the farm animal still during the X-ray procedure
  • Large animal X-ray positioning aids that help to position the farm animal correctly for the X-ray
  • Large animal X-ray grids that help to improve the quality of the X-ray image by reducing scatter radiation

We also offer a range of other accessories such as lead apron holders, radiation protection devices, and customized X-ray markers. These accessories are designed to improve the accuracy and safety of the X-ray procedure for both the farm animal and the medical staff.

Our team of experts is available to help you choose the best X-ray accessories for your practice. We can help you select the appropriate size and type of positioning aid or immobilization device for your farm animal patients, as well as providing the recommendations for the other accessories that may enhance the overall quality of your X-ray imaging.

At Z&Z Medical, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality products and services. Browse our selection of X-ray accessories today and see how we can help you improve the accuracy and safety of your X-ray procedures for farm animals.



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Have you heard of National Frog Month?

Well, National Frog Month is observed in April and is the month dedicated to these cute amphibians, the frogs. Unlike other animals, not all of us love frogs obviously with their look, appearance, and especially the croak-croak sound. Frogs are amphibian creatures found both on land and water. They are found to be predators and are playing a vital role in maintaining the environment throughout its lifetime. They have been valued as food by humans, and also have many cultural roles including literature, symbolism, and religion. But in recent years, frogs have been threatened with extinction for numerous reasons. There were approximately about 6,000 known species of frog found of which 4,800 recorded frog types were found worldwide except Antarctica. But in the past decade, approximately 170 species of frogs have become extinct. People and various organizations are using this awareness Month to focus on the universal decline in the population in locations across the world. We can also choose to celebrate them because they represent a symbol of transition, the leap from one thing, place, situation to another. Regardless of your reasons, keep in mind that these little creatures also on occasion need x-rays and when they do, Z&Z Medical has a vast array of positioning accessories and markers to assist you in your imaging needs.  Visit the Veterinary section of our website to learn more.

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Feb 1 is National Serpent Day

National Serpent Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the fascinating and diverse group of animals known as snakes. These creatures, which belong to the class of reptiles known as Serpentes, are found all over the world and come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some species are venomous, while others are non-venomous, but all are adapted to living in a variety of different environments and have unique characteristics that make them an important part of the ecosystem.

One way that people can celebrate National Serpent Day is by learning more about these amazing animals. This can be done through reading books, watching documentaries, or visiting a local reptile exhibit. 

As a veterinarian, you know that proper diagnostic tools are crucial in ensuring the best possible care for your patients. X-ray imaging, or radiography, is an essential tool in the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions in reptiles, including snakes. At Z&Z Medical, we understand the unique needs of veterinarians working with reptiles. One of the main benefits of x-ray imaging in the care of snakes is the ability to visualize the internal structures of the body without the need for invasive procedures. This allows for a quick and accurate diagnosis of conditions such as fractures, tumors, and foreign bodies, as well as monitoring the progression of treatment.

If you are a veterinarian working with reptiles and are in need of x-ray imaging equipment, accessories or supplies we encourage you to contact us to learn more about how we can support you in providing the best possible care for your patients.


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DId you Know Today is National Bird Day!

January 5th is National Bird Day, a day dedicated to celebrating and raising awareness about birds and the important role they play in our ecosystem. At Z&Z Medical, we are proud to offer a range of x-ray positioners that are specifically designed to help veterinarians and other professionals take high-quality x-ray images of our avian friends.

X-ray positioners are important tools that allow veterinarians to position an animal in a specific position in order to get the best possible x-ray image. This is especially important when it comes to birds, as their small size and unique anatomy can make it challenging to get good x-ray images.

Our x-ray positioners for birds are specifically designed to help veterinarians get clear, high-quality x-ray images of birds, even when they are difficult to position. They are lightweight and easy to use, and they can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of bird sizes and species.

In addition to being easy to use, our x-ray positioners are also durable and long-lasting, making them a great investment for any veterinary practice. They are also backed by our exceptional customer service and support, so you can count on us to be there for you whenever you need us.

Overall, our x-ray positioners are an essential tool for veterinarians who work with birds, and we are proud to offer a range of products that can help them get the best possible x-ray images of these amazing creatures. On National Bird Day and every day, we are committed to helping veterinarians and other professionals provide the best possible care to our avian friends.

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November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Both traditional and special contrast X-ray techniques are used to look for tumors in a pet's lungs, gastrointestinal tract, bladder and other internal organs. X-rays are usually used as the first imaging test to evaluate a pet's condition and determine whether the cancer has spread throughout the body.  

CT is a specialized imaging technique available at referral centers or specialty hospitals. CT relies on the differences in density between tissues to form an image and the images of cross-sections of the body are generated by a computer. It is a superior technique compared to X-rays in evaluating cancer in the lung, the chest cavity and ribs, and is important for planning radiation therapy. CT scans can also be used to guide biopsies when a suspected mass needs further analysis.

Ultrasound refers to a technique used to examine internal organs in the abdomen and to also help guide biopsys. The veterinarian places a transducer emitting sound waves in contact with the area of interest (e.g. stomach), moves it around and views the structure of internal organs on a monitor in real time. It is routinely used to evaluate masses discovered during physical examination or to check for metastasis to liver, spleen or other organs. It is generally not used to evaluate structures that contain air such as the lungs since air prevents the transfer of sound waves.    

MRI uses strong magnetic fields to create three-dimensional images created by a computer. MRI is extensively used to evaluate masses in the central nervous system such as the spine or brain and has been useful in providing images of soft tissues, joints, tendons, muscles and bone marrow.

Z&Z Medical understands the importance of Imaging animals and works closely with the Veterinary Field to provide a wide array of imaging accessories and supplies for both X-Ray, CT, Ultrasound and MRI for animal imaging.  Visit the Veterinary Section of our website to learn more or email

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