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National Elephant Appreciation Day

A bit of foot pampering is something we all enjoy…Turns out elephants are no different. And when you weigh several thousand kilos, foot issues can be a real problem if they go undetected.  X-raying the feet of elephants is no easy task. There is always the fear of breaking the X-ray receptor plate. Being able to image their feet is really important in order to maximize their welfare. While you may not be x-raying elephants every day, but if you do or are in need of a CR/DR Image Receptor with a very high weight capacity – we’ve got you covered. Z&Z Medical carries a Weight Bearing CR and DR Tunnel Panel Protector that will protect up to 2000 lbs!  The VetView Tunnel can be used in typical veterinary practices for large-sized animals as well as in zoos and aquatic settings. They are available in different sizes and configurations and will support up to 1000 lbs weight. 

Don’t forget to celebrate the Elephant on September 22nd! Show your appreciation today by visiting the elephants at your local zoo. Get involved. Learn more about these magnificent animals and learn about conservation and eliminating poaching.    


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