X-Ray Markers for School

Z&Z Medical is proud to offer Radiology Students a 10% discount off the list price for any x-ray marker set with initials or replacement (right or left marker with initials) by using Promo Code: STUDENT10 at checkout.  We’re excited to partner with you during your time in school and understand student budgets and the need for never being without your markers. We are excited that you have chosen the career of Radiology and look forward to providing you the highest quality x-ray markers now and in the future.

Teachers & Radiology Program Directors, we want to make ordering markers EASY for your students!  We offer a 15% discount off your total order when ordering 20 or more sets of markers with initials for your students!  Please use the Easy auto-fill PDF to organize your students order with Name, Initials, and Marker Style needed. Send this Form and your PO to orders@zzmedical.com to place your Student X-ray Marker Order.


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