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Our Lightning Line of Garments Checks off All the Boxes

Z&Z Medical carries several Quick Ship Radiation protection Garments that checks off all the boxes when it comes to protection!

  • Need Lightweight Aprons? CHECK
  • Need them in 48 hours? CHECK
  • Need Great Comfort and Style? CHECK

Visit our website today for our IN STOCK Aprons.  We have Frontal Protection, Vests & Skirts, Full Wrap Aprons, Half Aprons, and Thyroid Collars for immediate shipment. Order Yours Today!

2 years ago
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Oh No we are short on Aprons! Z&Z Medical Can Provide Delivery in just 24-48 hours!

Z&Z Medical understands that there are many situations which may require you to need a thyroid collar, a half apron, or a front protection apron in a hurry. They wander off or go missing, you add new employees or residents, or they get damaged and don’t pass quality control. Regardless of the issue or reason, we have protective garments that we can ship out to you lightning fast!  Yes…. Delivery in 24-28 hours!

You don’t have to wait weeks or even months to get the radiation protection that you need immediately for your staff. We have several sizes to choose from, from extra small to 2X and they are available in lightweight and lead free options for extra comfort. These garments are available in six popular colors and our sizing chart is right on the website for each style.

So, if it’s a typical Monday and you need a new lead apron quickly, order your Thyroid Collar, Front Protection Apron, Vest or Skirt, or Half Apron right on our easy e-commerce website and it will ship to you in just 24-48 hours!  Have a question before you order? No worries. Give us a call at 800-410-9575 or email us at and our customer service team will assist you promptly!


3 years ago
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