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The Joint Commission, the FDA, CDC, CMS are placing greater emphasis on standards of care!

“The Joint Commission, the FDA, CDC, CMS are placing greater emphasis on standards

of care for cleaning and disinfecting reusable equipment including Vaginal, Rectal,

Transesophogeal, Breast Biopsy and Internal Ultrasound Transducers”

Wiping instruments with Technowipe Lint Free Wipes immediately after withdrawing ultrasound transducer probes from the patient is the first step to pre-cleaning and reprocessing transducer probes. Technowipe Lint Free Wipes will meet AJUM Guidelines for reprocessing, and complying with AS/NZS4187:20014 7.1 & 7.2, requiring the use of single-use low linting wipes for drying ultrasound transducer probes.

Carotid, and arterial doppler ultrasound exams which come in contact with areas of the body that have been “freshly shaven” and are often overlooked as being “breached skin,” require high level disinfecting.

Technowipe Lint Free Wipes will help ensure recommended reprocessing, cleaning, and drying of intra-cavity ultrasound transducers “used on all vaginal, rectal, breast ultrasound and transesophogeal probes. These instruments come in contact with bodily fluids, posing transmission risk of bloodborne pathogens to the next patient, requiring high level disinfecting.”

Technowipe Lint Free Wipes will help minimize the risk of adherence of contaminants on ultrasound transducer probes, are non-abrasive and compatible with cleaning sensitive crystals of the array.  Container considerations are also important. Technowipe Lint Free Wipes are packaged in resealable bags, protecting your wipes when not in use from environmental contamination. These Wipes are conveniently packaged 200 9” x 9” wipes per bag, and 150 12” x 12” per bag, are nonabrasive and conveniently packaged in our reclosable bag to avoid environmental contamination.

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