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Seeing Pink During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is a great time to take the opportunity to stock your facilities with mammography accessories for the rest of the year. While technologists are well aware of the importance of mammography exams, they may not be aware of all the useful mammography accessories that are. available for their workplace. We have already talked about the benefits of our nipple markers, mammography chairs and gown & blanket warmers. Today, we'll focus on other practical accessories that are useful with mammography exams.


See Pink in Your Workplace

Everyone is aware that pink has not only become a hallmark of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but for breast cancer awareness in general. Pink signifies a deep concern and sensitivity to the cause of treating and preventing breast cancer. Lucky for you - we know you are committed to the cause, and we have everything you need to show it. We're proud to offer many mammography accessories in this wonderful color. Buy half-aprons, thyroid collars, exam chairs and other accessories in pink to “pink-up” your workspace a bit. 


Offer Convenience & Comfort for your Patients

Many facilities perform breast biopsies and surgeries and having the necessary items post – op can go a long ways for your patients. We have a wide variety of Breast Binders, Compression Bras, and Drain Pouches in several colors and sizes. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with all that we have to offer. We have Mammo Fresh Wipes for Pre-Procedures and ReFresh Deodorant Wipes for Post procedures. We also offer two sizes of cold packs that can also be used after breast biopsies: 3” Circle cold pack and 4” Quad Cold pack.



Find Comfort with Our Positioning Kits

Believe us...your patients will thank you if you consider their comfort when performing biopsies! Patients frequently complain about discomfort during an MRI, because most table pads used on MRI tables aren't usually made with a patient's comfort in mind. The Breast Biopsy Positioning Kit was designed with visco-elastic materials specifically for patient comfort. The material conforms to every patient's body type and has shown to exponentially improve comfort during imaging procedures. Do your patients a favor by stocking your facilities with a MRI Breast Biopsy Positioning Kit.


While October is a great time to think about breast cancer awareness, it's important to realize that this is a year-round issue. Take the opportunity to ready your workplace with accessories specifically designed to assist in mammography exams. Please Visit Our Website Mammography Section to learn more.




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