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Reduce Liability and Enhance Patient Safety with the New MRI Room Alert

The MRI Room Alert is the safest method of reducing liability and danger in one of the most hazardous rooms in the facility. This groundbreaking new product will save countless lives by continuously monitoring the MRI room for any calls for help. The MRI Room Alert will protect both the people and the room, creating peace of mind for any staff working alone.

The MRI Room Alert is a voice-activated device that constantly monitors the MRI room. The push-button does not make sense if you cannot touch the push-button because you are stuck to the magnet or trapped. Voice activation talk-back adds a critical safety layer when you can’t reach the button. Using these alerts, you can announce safety issues by phone call, text and email in the MRI room – a room that can turn deadly quickly. The voice-activated feature is unique as it not only works in the MRI room environment but this component can also request help if someone is stuck to the MRI Magnet or trapped during an MRI quench, making it impossible to push an alert button. MRI room alert has been nominated for Best New Radiology Device 2022.   

Visit our product page to learn more about this remarkable new device for MRI.

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New MRI Cleaning Supplies from Z&Z Medical

We have a wide variety of New non-magnetic MRI Janitorial Supplies including carts, mops, brooms, wet floor signs, and much more. We have everything that you need to keep your MRI suite clean in between patients and after hours for a deep clean by your janitorial staff. Visit our website to learn more.

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NEW MRI Carts and Organizational Bins from Z&Z Medical

Z&Z Medical is proud to introduce a NEW line of MRI Carts and Storage Bins. These MRI carts and bins are white and are compatible for use within the sensitive magnetic imaging environment, keeping supplies mobile and organized.  Constructed from non-ferrous durable high density polyethylene and ABS and non-ferrous casters and screws. Save time as these carts ship fully Assembled. Visit the MRI Section of our website to learn more…

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MRI Safety – Is All About Being Proactive in Practice

The main drive in MRI safety right now is improving the consistency of defined terms and accessibility to essential information. Single terminology, CLEAR LABELING, and more information are central to MRI being conducted more safely around the world.  

Commercially available accessories such as furniture, wheelchairs, instruments, O2 cylinders, etc. can be ferromagnetic or electrically conductive. Those are not designed, thus contraindicated to be used in the MR environment and several health injuries have been reported as a result of incorrect or unlabeled items. 3 symbols for device labeling recommended by the ASTM are in stock and available for online purchase. Don’t make a critical mistake by not having proper sticker labeling on ALL items in your MRI department.  

It is important to prioritize safety training within the department and ensure that your department is properly stocked with MR Safe or MR Conditional room accessories. Z&Z Medical carries a wide array of MRI products for your daily use. Visit our website today or email with any questions that you may have.

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Radiology Medical Imaging Stretchers for 2023

Z&Z Medical offers a wide variety of stretchers with unique features and designs which makes shopping for the stretcher to meet your specific needs easy! Below are a list of the most commonly requested stretchers for Imaging:

General Transport Stretcher – a basic stretcher for patient transport. Easy to use and priced well for most budgets.

Bariatric Stretchers are optimal for bariatric patients up to 1000 lbs. This stretcher can even fit through standard doors and passageways.

Hydraulic Stretchers are versatile and commonly used in transport, procedure, and recovery settings. With sturdy hydraulic elements, you can easily change the height with the push of a simple foot pedal. Designed with a shortened base for positioning in small rooms with large imaging equipment.     

All Purpose Electric Powered Stretchers Versatile, easy to use, and time-efficient. Treat, transfer, and transport patients on a comfortable chair configuration. Provides positioning capabilities for a variety of procedures and all phases of treatment. Pre-induction, transport, treatment, and recovery can be performed on the same unit to improve case turnaround and streamline patient handling. Reduces staff time and prevents staff injury involved in transferring patient during various phases of care.

Multi Purpose Stretchers can be used as a stretcher, a chair, and even an exam/treatment table.  This stretcher performs a lot of functions while taking up very little space and comes with a wide variety of optional accessories for a wide variety of imaging and medical procedures. Ideal for ER, PACU, OR, and L&D departments.  Its multiple uses help eliminate patient transfers providing cost and time savings and enhanced safety for both patients and staff.

MRI Stretchers and Compact Adjustable Trolleys are designed to take patients in and out of MRI suites safely. MR safe.

Trauma Stretchers  is intended for transport, treatment, and recovery of patients’ intra-and inter-departmentally in healthcare facilities. This unit offers unparalleled full-length X-ray capabilities, a treatment table and easy-rolling casters to provide full mobility.

Fluoroscopy Stretcher is designed for use with C-Arms for fluoroscopy-guided procedures. The unique design, with a proprietary sliding radiolucent top, enables a broader range of imaging capacity without repositioning the patient. The hourglass-shaped trim base accommodates a wide range of C-Arms. The security of a specialty imaging table with the mobility of a stretcher. It’s full-length radiolucent top is perfect for surgery, interventional, and pain management procedures. 

Take a few moments to browse the wide selection of radiology imaging and medical stretchers that we have to offer at

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