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New Blickman Stainless Steel Products!

Z&Z Medical is proud to partner with Blickman Industries to offer the latest in medical solutions and top quality MRI Product solutions for organization and seating. Blickman has been providing the healthcare industry groundbreaking stainless steel and chrome solutions since 1889. Our newest website additions are some of the highest quality products you can purchase. Z&Z Medical is committed to delivering you the products and tools that you need to succeed with your every day duties. Visit our website to see the numerous NEW Additions! Have a question? Ask our customer service team via Live Chat on our website, or email them at anytime.  

11 months ago
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NEW MRI Carts and Organizational Bins

Z&Z Medical is proud to introduce a NEW line of MRI Carts and Storage Bins. These MRI carts and bins are white and are compatible for use within the sensitive magnetic imaging environment, keeping supplies mobile and organized.  Constructed from non-ferrous durable high density polyethylene and ABS and non-ferrous casters and screws. Save time as these carts ship fully Assembled. Visit the MRI Section of our website to learn more…

1 year ago
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