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Why protect your hands from radiation?

Why protect your hands from radiation?

The risk of radiation exposure to the hands during fluoroscopy, cardiac, cathlab, and electrophysiology lab procedures has effects ranging from erythema, epilation, and skin necrosis.

Radiation protection gloves are worn to ensure medical practitioners protect their hands while working in the proximity of X-ray machines, CT scanners, and other devices. Infab’s Revolution Radiation Protection Gloves are designed to be comfortable, flexible, lightweight, and protective. Revolution Radiation Protection Gloves come with tactile grip fingertips. The tactile grip helps with keeping a strong grasp on instruments during procedures. Available with Light Attenuation, Medium Attenuation, and Heavy Attenuation. Available in sizes 6.5 to 9.0.  Glove comparison chart is available Here.  Sold by the pair, or in box of 5.


The Revolution Radiation Protection Gloves feature:

·         Latex-free and powder-free material

·         Tactile grip

·         Tactile sensitivity

·         Sterile

·         Leaded rubber

·         Anatomical fit

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Simplify Your Radiation Attenuating Glove Purchase

With the recent buzz about the hazardous effect of scatter radiation, healthcare professionals are scrambling to protect everything from their hands to their eyes to their heads. It can be overwhelming to select radiation attenuating gloves when you have to consider questions like: Lead free, powder free, latex free, attenuation @ 60 KVP and .18 mm vs. .23 mm? How can you make a quick easy side by side comparison of the many different offerings available when it comes to radiation attenuating gloves?

Z&Z Medical Inc. has developed an easy to use glove comparison chart to help you choose the best product for your particular application.  The chart allows you at a glance to see the 12 different styles they offer and compares 12 different attributes of each style. The chart also consists of 12 links, one for each style, so when you choose a style the link will take you directly to that product on the website

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