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Customer Testimony - Wish I Had Done it Sooner!

Z&Z Medical recently sold and installed a New 17x17 flat panel Cesium DR by 20/20 Imaging with OpalView Chiropractic software with automatic stitching and cloud based disaster recovery at Betterton Chiropractic in Vinton, Iowa. Dr Betterton was frustrated with film based processing technology and all the cost and headaches associated with analog image processing. Z&Z Medical has serviced his x-ray and film processing equipment for many years and he wanted to continue to use our reliable and rapid service with new digital equipment. If you still have an analog system and would like to learn more about the benefits of digital and speak to facilities that have made the leap – give us a call. We would love to share with you many success stories and add you to the growing list!

3 years ago
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What’s making everyone smile these days?

Z&Z Medical’s Exclusive Closed Cell Sponges are made from a lightweight 100% radiolucent non-porous foam. These positioning sponges are entirely fluid resistant and easy to clean! They are also easy to disinfect with any hospital grade disinfectant and are extremely durable when compared to common open cell sponges on the market today! Our sponges feature a non-coated premium charcoal grey color and are the perfect solution for any positioning need! They can be used in MRI, CT, Nuc Med, Ultrasound and General X-Ray making them the number one option in positioning sponges.  Below are some common frequently asked questions about our new closed cell sponges.

3 years ago
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Featured Product: Closed Cell Sponges

Today’s featured product is Z&Z Medical’s Exclusive Closed Cell Sponges. They are perfect for positioning patients in MRI, CT, Nuc Med, Ultrasound, and General X-ray. They are cleanable and radiolucent!  Two “must-have: properties for any positioning sponge. Foam Positioners are changing, and we’re proud to be leading the way!   


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Ever get frustrated with thyroid collars not fitting or getting your hair tangled in the Velcro ®?  Z&Z Medical has a solution!  NEW Magnet Thyroid Collars are sweeping the industry as the GO-TO Protective Collar.  Replace older collars today with this revolutionary thyroid protection that is available in a host of colors.

3 years ago
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