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IV Fluid and Blanket Warmers are Available

Warming Cabinets are an essential piece of equipment in many healthcare settings, particularly in hospitals and clinics where patients may need to be kept warm during procedures or recovery or when IV Fluids need to be warmed before administration. Enthermic cabinet warmers are a perfect solution! Warm blankets & fluids in the same footprint​. Complete your patient warming system with a combination fluid/blanket warmer from Enthermics. The IV fluid warming chambers feature a patented heating system and an air-mixing fan to ensure an extremely accurate set-point temperature. The blanket warming chambers ensure a comfortable patient experience and improve patient satisfaction. This dual cavity warmers allow you to keep fluids and blankets warm in the same unit with separately controlled chambers.

Enthermic cabinet warmers are safe and easy to use. They also come in different sizes and configuations. Whatever your warming needs, Z&Z Medical has you covered. Visit our website today or email us at with your specific warming needs. 

6 months ago
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Join us at IEMSA 2022 in Des Moines, Iowa

Attendee Registration is open for the 32nd Annual IEMSA Conference & Trade Show. We hope you can join us as we present atwo great products for the Iowa EMS Community. It will be held again at the Iowa Events Center - Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center & Hyvee Hall C at 730 3rd St., Des Moines, Iowa. Z&Z Medical will be in booth #9 showcasing our Portable Blanket Warmers and our New Ring Rescue - a device used to remove stuck rings WITHOUT cutting the ring!  A must see product. 

For more information, email to learn more or to schedule an appointment to review these products.

11 months ago
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Warm Blankets Ease Patient Anxiety

There’s nothing better than a warm blanket to help ease anxiety if you are a patient. Z&Z Medical’s portable blanket warmers allow quick and easy access when a warm blanket is needed without having to leave the patient to hunt one down from a central unit. Warm blankets can decrease a patient’s anxiety and aide in helping you get through radiology examinations quicker. Portable Blanket Warmers can be stored in any imaging room with the exception of MRI. They are NOT approved inside an MRI suite, but they CAN be stored right outside the door of an MRI room. Perfect for CT, Biopsy Rooms, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, or DEXA. Shop today.

11 months ago
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Warm Blankets Ease Anxiety for Patients and Technologists

No one wants to be in the hospital or have to go to the Imaging Department for an X-Ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, or other imaging procedure.  There’s the discomfort of your illness, not to mention the needle sticks that are often needed for blood work and the wires and gadgets that may be attached to you for monitoring.   But hospitals are doing more to try to make the stay more comfortable and imaging centers are also doing what they can to make the procedure that you have to have as stress free as possible. 

Portable blanket warmers allow nurses and technologists to access a warm blanket quickly. These economical options are especially beneficial in the imaging realm where technologist can grab a warm blanket from right within the room and provide a patient with comfort to ease their anxiety. No more having to run down the hallways to a central warming station and leaving your patient all alone on the table. 

To learn more about how portable blanket warmers work- visit and watch the short video clip.  You can also email with any questions that you may have.

1 year ago
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Increasing attention to patient comfort

Nobody wants to be sick and no one wants to be in the hospital or in an imaging facility waiting for an examination. While some facilities are building fancy facilities and putting more art on the walls, research shows that doesn’t matter as much to patients as does the basics of comfort and well-being.  Being comfortable and feeling calm is increasingly recognized as equal to disease care itself. This is especially important since patient satisfaction surveys greatly determine in part how much money the government pays for care.

The importance of patient warming in the maintenance of thermal comfort is well supported. Multiple studies have reported an increase in patient satisfaction and perception of thermal comfort and a decrease in patient anxiety especially when it came to pre- and post-operative care or while waiting for a test or exam.  Warm blankets can provide physical and psychological benefits to patients on so many levels. Z&Z Medical carries a wide variety of blanket warmers to provide thermal comfort for patients including portable blanket warmers that can be kept in individual imaging rooms, CT, MRI, or Ultrasound. Visit our website www.zzmedical to learn more.

2 years ago
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