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IV Fluid and Blanket Warmers are Available

Warming Cabinets are an essential piece of equipment in many healthcare settings, particularly in hospitals and clinics where patients may need to be kept warm during procedures or recovery or when IV Fluids need to be warmed before administration. Enthermic cabinet warmers are a perfect solution! Warm blankets & fluids in the same footprint​. Complete your patient warming system with a combination fluid/blanket warmer from Enthermics. The IV fluid warming chambers feature a patented heating system and an air-mixing fan to ensure an extremely accurate set-point temperature. The blanket warming chambers ensure a comfortable patient experience and improve patient satisfaction. This dual cavity warmers allow you to keep fluids and blankets warm in the same unit with separately controlled chambers.

Enthermic cabinet warmers are safe and easy to use. They also come in different sizes and configuations. Whatever your warming needs, Z&Z Medical has you covered. Visit our website today or email us at with your specific warming needs. 

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