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New Product Announcement – N-Visi Ray Coated X-Ray Sponges

At Z&Z Medical, we are always looking for ways to improve the tools and equipment used in radiology departments. That's why we are excited to introduce our newest product -N-Visi-RAY Coated Sponges. These Artifact-Free X-ray Sponges are designed to provide superior imaging during x-ray procedures without any interference from artifacts.

Artifacts are unwanted structures that can appear on x-ray images and can make it difficult for radiologists to detect and diagnose abnormalities. These Artifact-Free X-ray Sponges are made from a special material that does not interfere with x-ray imaging, eliminating the appearance of artifacts on the images. The heavy duty coating is easy to clean and does not peel of tear easily like other coated sponges on the market today.  

We believe that the N-Visi-RAY X-ray Sponges will be a valuable addition to any radiology department, and we are proud to offer them to our customers. They are available for purchase now on our website

5 months ago
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New Winged Shoulder Arm Support

Z&Z Medical is excited to add another NEW Product to our website. This New Winged Arm & Shoulder Support is great for patients in CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, and X-Ray. This Winged Arm and Shoulder Support Positioner provides excellent positioning and comfort for patients who need to extend their arms up and out of the field of view while being imaged in a supine position. Positioner is MRI Safe, and is also great for Nuclear Medicine, CT and X-Ray Imaging. The vinyl coated material is latex free and does not peel. Fluid resistant and skid resistant. 10.3” tall x 14.6” long x 19” wide.

Visit our website  Buy Winged Shoulder Support for only $552 at Z&Z Medical ( to order yours today!

10 months ago
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