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3 Things You'll LOVE about our Closed Cell Sponges!

Welcome to our blog post on three things you'll love about Z&Z Medical's closed cell patient positioning foam sponges!

As a radiologic technologist, you know the importance of having the right supplies and equipment on hand to ensure the best possible positioning for your patients to get the best x-ray image. Patient positioning foam sponges are an essential tool in the radiology field, helping to support and position patients during exams and procedures.

At Z&Z Medical, we are proud to offer high-quality closed cell patient positioning foam sponges that are designed to meet the needs of radiologic technologists and their patients. Here are three things you'll love about our foam sponges:

  1. Artifact Free: Our foam sponges are made of closed cell foam that does NOT product artifacts during imaging
  2. Durability: Our foam sponges are designed to withstand the rigors of the radiology environment and are built to last.
  3. Cleanable: Our foam sponges come in a range of sizes and shapes are easy to clean with any medical grade disinfectant making them a versatile and essential tool in any medical practice.

We hope you will consider choosing Z&Z Medical's closed cell patient positioning foam sponges for your practice. We are confident that you will love the comfort, durability, and cleanability of these essential products.


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A New Closed Cell Kit from Z&Z Medical

A New Closed Cell Foam Kit from Z&Z Medical. This closed cell kit offers you one Weight bearing stand for ankles and feet, and 4 rectangles of various sizes. Closed Cell Sponges are made from a lightweight, radiolucent, non-porous foam. They are entirely fluid resistant, easy to clean and extremely durable! Featured in a non-coated, premium charcoal grey color.  A great addition to your positioning sponges.

  • 100% Radiolucent
  • Artifact free imaging
  • Cleanable, fluid resistant surface
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • The number one option in positioning sponges
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Closed Cell Sponges are Waterproof AND have a Cleanable Surface!

Can I clean closed cell sponges? Absolutely. To clean the surface of the sponge that has become dirty or dusty with normal use and with storage, we recommend that you wash the surface with cold water and a mild general-purpose soap like a 409 spray. We recommend that you avoid using detergent cleaners that contain hydrocarbon solvents like acetone or ammonia as they are harsh on the surface and will shorten the life of your sponge. We also recommend that you avoid rigorous scrubbing, abrasive pads, or stiff brushes as they can also damage the surface as it would with any foam product.

Most imaging facilities require coated sponges or vinyl covered so that they can be cleaned and meet Joint Commission Standards. Do closed cell sponges have a coating? Closed cell sponges do not need a protective coating.  The foam itself is closed cell and non-porous, meaning it will not absorb any fluids unlike the un-coated open cell sponges that are on the market. The crosslink density of this foam is extremely high, and the surface can be easily cleaned & disinfected making them an excellent positioner for any imaging facility.     

To learn more about these amazing X-ray Positioning Sponges or to place an order, visit our website. to learn more. Customer Service is always available to answer any questions that you may have. You can email them at .

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NEW Lateral Decubitus Positioning Kit

The Lateral Decubitus Positioning Kit accommodates all size cassettes and works well with grid-protectors and cassette holders of all sizes. Place cassettes, imaging receptors and grids in a vertical position between the bolster pad and upright support to achieve perfect lateral decubitus examinations without cut-off!  All thicknesses are accommodated by simply moving the bolster pad away from the support. The pad lifts the patient up into the imaging field for decubitus chest, abdomen, or even cross table lateral views. The support weighs only 7 ½ lbs and is easy to transport. Both parts are easy to clean with medical grade disinfectant or 10% bleach solution.  Order yours today!

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A Reflection of How Much You Care

There are a number of reasons to restock your facilities with better and updated patient handling accessories. The condition of your accessories says a lot about how you run things. Are your table pads frayed or stained? Not only does this affect their appearance (which your patients will notice) but it could also affect their usefulness. Having something as simple as a new table pad in your facility not only helps project the right image about the care you offer, it also gives you the opportunity to make your patients more comfortable.

Premium Table Pads - Radiology table pads have come a long way in recent years. They're more comfortable for your patients and more durable, giving them a much longer shelf life of effectiveness in your facility. Our premium table pads are also radiolucent. Increased patient comfort and less artifacts in images are two things that every facility strives for.

Closed Cell Artifact Free Sponges - Perhaps the biggest leap forward in patient handling accessories to hit the market lately are our Closed Cell Artifact Free Sponges. Outdated sponges were causing too many problems for technologists. They’re also easy to clean and will provide great comfort and stability to your patients during procedures.

All the Positioning Aids You’ll Ever Need - Sponges and table pads are really just the tip of the iceberg for your patient handling accessories here at Z&Z Medical. Our patient positioning sandbags offerings are vast, covering every type of patient and procedure that you’ll encounter on a daily basis, from MRI to X-ray imaging. Our patient immobilizers will give you an unparalleled level of control while still ensuring that your patients are comfortable and stable.

The condition of your accessories speaks volumes about your level of patient care. Make sure that you’re sending the message that you care about your patients. If you have old, outdated or worn-out patient handling accessories, it’s time to step up your game today. Come view new and updated imaging accessories today on our website at and learn more about what we can do to make your job a little bit easier. 

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