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Now Available: Single Disposable Radiation Reducing Sterile Gloves

When working in Interventional radiology, CT, or cardiology cath labs, it’s important to protect your hands from radiation scatter radiation when at all possible. But with several gloves on the market, how do you know which glove is the best fit and works the best for your specific application?  Sterile Radiation Reducing gloves come in sizes  6.5 to 9. They are designed to be comfortable, flexible, lightweight and protect the hands from scatter radiation during invasive procedures. Tactile sensitivity is important and having the correct glove is equally important. All of our gloves show the Attenuation factors and the level of tactile sensitivity. Purchase just 1 Pair to make sure they are what you want and expect before investing in 5 or more.  Visit our website to see which glove would be best for you  and order a pair today.

1 year ago
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