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New 2 Step Swivel Weight Bearing Platform

Our weight bearing 2 Step Complete View Platform is designed to accommodate digital DR Panels, CR Cassettes and Analog. This product is designed for easy mobility plus stability while allowing for easy weight bearing imaging on the foot, ankle and knee. Our 2 Step Platform is constructed of high density ABS plastic and stainless steel. Allows for Lateral, AP, and other anatomical views from a single patient position

The industry’s first Swivel 360 System, allowing for 360-degree rotation for effortless mobility easing the physical burden on RT's. Ideal for weight bearing studies that include AP, Lateral and other anatomical views from a single patient position. Compatible with all DR Panels. Visit our website to learn more. 

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A New Closed Cell Kit from Z&Z Medical

A New Closed Cell Foam Kit from Z&Z Medical. This closed cell kit offers you one Weight bearing stand for ankles and feet, and 4 rectangles of various sizes. Closed Cell Sponges are made from a lightweight, radiolucent, non-porous foam. They are entirely fluid resistant, easy to clean and extremely durable! Featured in a non-coated, premium charcoal grey color.  A great addition to your positioning sponges.

  • 100% Radiolucent
  • Artifact free imaging
  • Cleanable, fluid resistant surface
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • The number one option in positioning sponges
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NEW One Step Weight Bearing Platform

Check out our NEW One Step Weight Bearing Platform!  This New Radiology One Step X-Ray Platform was designed by Radiology Professionals to elevate the patient for weight bearing lower leg, ankle and foot studies. The Single Step X-Ray Platform works great with both traditional film cassettes and Digital Radiography DR / CR panels. The middle slot is designed to hold analog Cassettes or Digital Panels close to the patient to ensure high quality images. A Sturdy Hand Rail provides support for your patient and provides a leverage point and handle for moving into and out of position. 

Visit our website to see this new product addition at

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New 2 Step Weight Bearing Cassette / DR Panel Holder

The 2 Step Weight Bearing Cassette / DR Panel Holder is designed as a light weight economical option for studies that might require positioning on a 2 step platform.  This allows for quick and easy positioning for patients that are stable enough to not need a built in handrail.  A Valsbar or other stabilizing bar in your x-ray room can be used for stabilty if needed.

High density crosslink closed cell foam provides durability and cleanability is an excellent positioning aide for weight bearing studies. Developed to facilitate imaging of longitudinal arch and lateral projection studies of feet and ankles. 

Our closed cell crosslink foam has a very fine micro-cellular structure that is characterized by a compact feel and is resistant to fluids. The smooth easy to clean surface is resistant to blood, Betadine, barium, alcohol, and other fluids., It is ozone resistant and impervious to mildew, mold, rot and bacteria. Non toxic and contains no CFC's, HCFC's, or hydrocarbon blowing agents. Anti-microbial: antibacterial and antifungal.  Weight bearing up to 300lbs. Find cleaning and care instructions below on product attachments tab.

Foam Size: 24"L x 16"W x 12"H

First Step: 10"L x 16"W x 6"H

Top Platform: 14"L x 16"W x 12"H

Dimension of the slot:  14"L x 0.625"W x 1.5"D

Weight 12 lbs.

Shown with 14 x 17 receptor


Click HERE to learn more and see additional photos of this platform.

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Weight Bearing Stands – which one to choose?

Patients often require imaging for joint-related trauma or pain. After a history and examination, plain radiographs are often the next step in investigating a patient’s musculoskeletal complaints. Patients with possible surgical pathology, such as osteoarthritis, may be referred to an orthopedic surgeon, who often repeats the initial films. because the original films were not ordered weight-bearing. So why weight-bearing X-rays? American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society says avoid non-weightbearing X-ray evaluation of the foot and ankle when patients are able to stand. The functional position of the foot and ankle is one of weightbearing. Foot and ankle deformity may be decreased or absent on non-weightbearing x-rays as compared to weightbearing x-rays. Therefore, foot and ankle disorders including flatfeet, ligamentous injuries of the midfoot, ankle arthritis, bunions, and hammertoes that are well-demonstrated on weightbearing x-rays may be underestimated or not appreciated at all on non-weightbearing x-rays. Therefore, when possible, weightbearing x-rays of the foot and ankle are preferred in order to give the most accurate assessment of the functional bony anatomy of the foot and ankle.

Weight Bearing Stands – which one to choose?

There are a wide variety of weight bearing stands available for your imaging facility. A lot comes down to budget, space, and how far your x-ray tube will go down to the floor in order to capture a weight bearing image of the foot and ankle. Z&Z Medical carries a wide variety to meet a wide array of needs.

  1. One Step Weight Bearing Holder: This is the most economical one step platform for weight bearing studies on the market.
  2. Two Step Weight Bearing Holder: This is the most economical two step platform for weight bearing studies on the market.
  3. Receptor Protector: For AP ONLY weight bearing studies, these protectors protect your imaging receptor and will hold up to 450 lbs.
  4. U-Arm/C-Arm weight bearing platform: This is a Great platform for AP and Lateral imaging. Will hold up to 750 lbs.


CLICK HERE to view the many one and two step platforms for AP and Lateral Weight Bearing Studies.  If you have a question about any of these devices, please reach out to or visit our Live Chat on our website to talk live with a customer service representative.

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