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Stop the Hurt at Work

Prevent fatigue, leg and back pain and remain comfortable while standing for long periods of time thanks to the ultimate comfort work mat! This top notch, ergonomic anti-fatigue and wellness mat has been specially designed to provide you with maximum comfort, preventing feet, legs and lower back pain caused by prolonged standing. Whether you work behind the counter at a coffee shop or you have an office desk job that requires standing for long periods of time, this standing desk floor comfort pro Anti-fatigue Mat is a must have for you!

- Remain Comfortable & Rested for long hours 

- Easy to clean unlike ordinary commercial mats. 

- Water-resistant

- Versatile. Perfect for a variety of applications and jobs. 

- Warranty is backed by a 5-year warranty and proudly made in the USA

- Safe with non-slip bottom and beveled no curl edges


Z&Z Medical also has GelPro Medical Mats. These mats are  engineered with conforming gel and supportive foam to provide the ultimate comfort and support to surgeons, nurses, technologists and other medical professionals on their feet.

- Reduces & prevents physical discomfort & fatigue

- Properly conforms & supports feet while promoting proper circulation

- Relieves pressure & restores energy while standing

- Improves post-operative discomfort and energy

- Promote proper posture while diminishing back, knee & foot discomfort


Visit the Anti-fatigue Category on our website to browse these Anti-fatigue Mats, and stop the hurt while you work!

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