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THE PRINCESS VEST: Made for women, designed by women

Unisex radiation protection garments have not only been the standard choice for female providers, they were the only choice. Women in radiology had to settle for either a flat garment that places pressure on the breasts, or a loose garment that can allow harmful radiation to penetrate the sides of the breasts. Female leaders of Burlington Medical, a product designer who worked in the fashion industry for more than 40 years, and a Registered Nurse with years of experience in interventional radiology, decided that female providers needed a specialized solution. Their creation not only minimizes radiation exposure to the breasts and axilla, but is more ergonomically sound and reduces musculoskeletal strain.

Princess Vests are designed exclusively for the female form. The innovative Princess Seam creates a convex shape that molds to the breasts. By eliminating the flat, angular designs of unisex vests, Princess Vests offer greater comfort and easier movement to female providers.

Unisex apron designs can leave the sides of the breasts and axilla exposed to scatter radiation. The contoured shape of the Princess Vest more closely fits the breasts, lymph nodes, axilla, and front neck areas, providing better radiation protection to sensitive tissue and organs.

The close, contoured fit of the Princess Vest eliminates excess overlap, shaving the overall weight of the garment. An integrated elastic band amplifies the ergonomic design allowing a more comfortable fit.

“The solution is both the construction and shape of the convex seam, the Princess Seam, which hugs the breast tissue, giving the advantage of better fit and protection. This unique design allows the flat, protective core material to be fit much closer to the shape of the breasts and axillary area whilst giving greater comfort and protection. It also eliminates extra material from the closure systems of unisex vests, greatly reducing the overall weight.”    ~ Denise Johnson, inventor of the Princess Vest

For more information about the patent-pending Princess Vest, the first ever radiation protection garment designed for the female form, contact: today or visit our website Buy Princess Vest with Optional Skirt Lead Apron - (Female) for only $453 at Z&Z Medical (

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