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How Z&Z Medical Helped Tony Walk Again

It’s a great feeling to know that the efforts you put into a new product idea – WORKS and CHANGES LIVES!   This is Tony’s Story…

Z&Z Medical was approached by personal trainer Jim Evans asking if we could help design a “stand-up” walker for a client of his who was 82 years old. His client Tony had been in a horrific car accident more than 10 years ago and had just recently recovered enough to be able to stand and take a few steps. Jim was needing a walker that would allow Tony to stand and walk, but have a seat behind him as he tires very quickly. “His muscles are so severely atrophied that he is unable to stand very long and is just beginning to regain his ability to walk, albeit very haltingly”. Jim indicated that Tony cannot turn around to sit on a seat, and he cannot walk around to the front of the walker either to sit down. It was imperative that the seat be mounted immediately behind him so that he could sit down quickly if needed and there was no walker on the market that provided this. Jim went on to say that this type of “stand-up” walker would be great for clients with similar issues of disability such as accidents (like Tony), MS, polio, strokes, etc. “They NEED to be walking asap, but without the safety of a seat behind them, they cannot regain the independence they need and will be relegated to a wheelchair for the rest of their lives without it. There are thousands of people throughout the country with needs that are similar to Tony.  I work with them every day.” said Jim. 

Z&Z Medical got right to work and worked with a supplier to create the much needed “Stand-Up” Walker. We received an update from personal trainer Jim Evans that Tony managed to walk a total of 100 yards yesterday on his newly named walker – the Rig-a-Tony!  Jim said, “I’m working with Tony 3 days a week in the gym to learn how to walk again and some of his neighbors are working with him at home on the opposite days. The walker fits nicely into his specialized van for easy transport. We have already introduced the walker to another person who has a permanent degenerative disease that will eventually cause him to be entirely bedridden. Having a walker similar to Tony's will enable him to enjoy a better quality of life for several more years.  He tried Tony's walker and found it to be a good fit and will be buying one soon. Thanks again for your help and cooperation in putting this together.  

Jim Evans is a 51-year veteran of the health and fitness industry and an internationally recognized industry consultant specializing in fitness for seniors. For seven years he was host of the popular radio talk show "Forever Young" on San Diego's KCBQ 1170 AM focusing on issues of health, fitness, and quality of life for older adults. Z&Z Medical enjoyed the opportunity to work with Jim and his client Tony and especially enjoyed the feedback and updates of Tony’s progress.

To learn more about this amazing Stand up Walker, Click Here.

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