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Warm Blankets Offer More Than Just Comfort

One of the most basic yet beneficial ways to offer great patient care before or after a medical or imaging procedure is to offer a warm blanket. It sounds simple but covering a patient with a heated blanket can make a huge difference to a patient, both immediate and long-term. In addition to reducing anxiety and providing comfort, maintaining a patient's core temperature has great benefits too!  

Benefits of Blanket Warming

Hypothermia is defined as any decrease in the normal body temperature of 98.6 degrees. It is one of the more common complications that is experienced by patients during or immediately following a procedure. Hypothermia can contribute to morbid cardiac events, patient discomfort, a decrease in the metabolism of drugs, coagulation difficulties, and the risk of surgical site infections. By covering patients with a warm blanket, you greatly reduce the likelihood of hypothermia and help eliminate these complications. Patients who are given a warm blanket experienced reduced intraoperative bleeding, saw faster recovery times and encountered decreased incidences of tachycardia and hypertension.

Vital to Patient Care and Anxiety

 As you can see from the lists above, giving a patient a warmed blanket isn't just a way to make them a bit warmer, but it prevents a variety of complications and helps with a faster recovery. This is especially true for both old and young patients as one of the most Important Benefits is that of reduced anxiety. Providing a patient with comfort and peace of mind is a top priority for healthcare workers and has been shown to provide significant benefits in terms of patient recovery and decreased anxiety. 

Medical Blanket Warmer  Medical Blanket Warmer

A good blanket warming unit is a key part of patient care protocols. Z&Z Medical offers several blanket warmers to meet a variety of needs. We have commercial grade Blanket Warmers that are perfect for Radiology departments, Interventional suites, ER & OR's, Mammography, Ultrasound, Outpatient Clinics, and Surgery Centers. The patient-friendly design allows you to put these aesthetically pleasing units right where they are needed, allowing nurses and aides to maximize their time. Place more emphasis on comfort, care and patient safety with the relaxing, blue lights inside the warmers that soften the patient’s room

We also offer larger stainless steel Blanket Warmers that employ the use of high end heating coils and easy to see control displays. You can rest assured that the blanket will be warmed to exactly the right temperature for your patient.  They come in a wide variety of sizes to meet any blanket warmer needs.

Portable Blanket Warmer Portable Blanket Warmer

We are especially happy to offer the RX Warmth Blanket Warmers. These Portable Blanket Warmers are made ofdurable 600 denier nylon with Dupont Thermoloft insulation that maintains a safe and consistent temperature in any setting. They operate on a 12 volt DC or 110 volt AC with optional AC power supply. Perfect for EMS, Nursing Homes, smaller healthcare facilities, or anywhere a warm blanket is needed.

So many post-procedural complications and patient anxieties can be avoided by simply using warm blankets. Let your patients know that you're there to take care of their needs and do your part to provide the best patient care available. Take a few moments to browse the wide selection of blanket warmers that we have to offer at

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National Hospital Week 2021

This week, May 12-18, is National Hospital Week. The American Hospital Association began celebrating National Hospital week more than 90 years ago to “celebrate the history, technology and dedicated professionals” in hospitals. National Hospital Week is an opportunity to highlight our hospitals, health systems and health care workers and the innovative ways they are supporting the needs of their community members.

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