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Unique Mobile Shields for Unique Situations

Mobile radiation shields and barriers are essential tools for ensuring the safety of medical imaging personnel and patients during radiology procedures. Z&Z Medical, a leading supplier of Radiology and Imaging Protection, offers a wide range of mobile lead barriers and shields as well as an array of unique mobile shields and barriers.  Available for X-Ray, Bone Density, CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Cath Labs, Surgery Centers, or anywhere a lead mobile barrier is needed. 

Some lead barriers are designed to protect operating physicians and allow for close to table studies. These barriers are thoughtfully engineered with a small footprint so that they can be easily positioned exactly where you need them to be to offer maximum scatter radiation protection for the staff in the room.

We have other mobile lead barriers that are tilted for ergonomical viewing and some even offer reach through curtains offering high quality protection for unique needs.

Whatever your situation, Z&Z Medical has a solution for your mobile shielding needs. Visit our website today to learn more.

1 year ago
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New Overhead Ceiling Mounted Radiation Barriers

Z&Z Medical is excited to offer new Ceiling Mounted Radiation Barriers. These barriers offer a stabilized suspension arm that will keep this shield where it’s needed most. Two styles available: One style is fitted with a lead curtain for ease of positioning on any number of body types and positions, it features a full 360 degrees of rotation, fully extended reach, and an attached suspension arm mounted light for close examinations.  The second offers a stable but lightweight design and torso cutout also with a full 360 degrees of rotation. These ceiling mounted barriers can also be purchased with an examination light on a second suspension arm! Visit our website to learn more.

2 years ago
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New Overhead Mobile Radiation Barriers

With the 45 degrees of rotation, these PTO Barrier Shields can be fitted into exam rooms of any size. Plus, their power coated construction make them resistant to corrosion. Thanks to it’s offset design, this shield can be easily placed anywhere around the patient to provide protection during an examination.  Available with lead acrylic torso cutout or lead curtain. Both offering 0.50mm Pb equiv protection. Visit our Lead Shields Tab on our website to learn more.

2 years ago
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Portable Adjustable X-Ray Shield – Ships in 2 Days!

Portable Shield is ideal for patient protection during diagnostic procedures and features adjustable height from 36" to 60" (91.4cm x 152.4cm) with sturdy five leg base for stable mobility. Covered in royal blue nylon. 0.5mm Pb Equivalency. Ships in just 48 hours. Order yours today.

3 years ago
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