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Stay Protected and Efficient with Phillips Safety T-Base Mobile Shields - Economical and Quick Delivery!

In today's fast-paced medical environment, safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness are paramount for healthcare facilities. When it comes to protecting patients and staff from radiation during diagnostic imaging procedures, our new T-Base Mobile Shields stand out as a reliable solution. These economical mobile shields are designed to offer maximum protection against radiation exposure while providing the convenience of quick delivery.  

These shields are made from high-quality materials which efficiently block scatter radiation. With these shields in place, healthcare facilities can provide an extra layer of protection to patients and staff during imaging procedures. The T-Base Mobile Shields are engineered for versatility and mobility. The adjustable height feature allows them to be easily positioned to the desired height for optimal protection. This ensures that healthcare professionals can adapt the shields according to specific imaging requirements, offering focused radiation protection where it's needed the most.

In today's cost-conscious healthcare landscape, finding budget-friendly solutions without compromising quality is crucial. These new T-Base Mobile Shields offer an economical option for facilities looking to enhance radiation safety without breaking the bank. These shields provide a cost-effective means to upgrade radiation protection protocols, ensuring a safer environment for patients and staff alike.

Time is of the essence in healthcare settings, and delayed equipment deliveries can disrupt essential workflows. Z&Z Medical understands the urgency of maintaining efficiency in medical facilities, which is why these new T-Base Mobile Shields are offered with quick delivery. With a delivery timeframe of just two weeks, healthcare facilities can promptly receive and deploy these shields, ensuring that their radiation protection measures are up-to-date and compliant.

The user-friendly design of these T-Base Mobile Shields makes them easy to integrate into daily operations. Their smooth mobility and effortless adjustment mechanism facilitate seamless integration into any imaging environment. Furthermore, the shields are crafted with durable materials that are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a hygienic and safe environment for both patients and staff.


New T-Base Mobile Shields provide an economical and efficient solution to enhance radiation protection in healthcare facilities. With their robust construction and adjustable height feature, these shields offer maximum protection while ensuring the convenience of mobility. The quick delivery timeframe of just two weeks allows facilities to promptly upgrade their radiation safety protocols, contributing to a safer and more efficient imaging environment. By investing in one of these new T-Base Mobile Shields, healthcare facilities can safeguard their patients and staff, all while maintaining their commitment to cost-effectiveness and top-notch safety standards.

8 months ago
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Unique Mobile Shields for Unique Situations

Mobile radiation shields and barriers are essential tools for ensuring the safety of medical imaging personnel and patients during radiology procedures. Z&Z Medical, a leading supplier of Radiology and Imaging Protection, offers a wide range of mobile lead barriers and shields as well as an array of unique mobile shields and barriers.  Available for X-Ray, Bone Density, CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Cath Labs, Surgery Centers, or anywhere a lead mobile barrier is needed. 

Some lead barriers are designed to protect operating physicians and allow for close to table studies. These barriers are thoughtfully engineered with a small footprint so that they can be easily positioned exactly where you need them to be to offer maximum scatter radiation protection for the staff in the room.

We have other mobile lead barriers that are tilted for ergonomical viewing and some even offer reach through curtains offering high quality protection for unique needs.

Whatever your situation, Z&Z Medical has a solution for your mobile shielding needs. Visit our website today to learn more.

11 months ago
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Deluxe Mobile Lead Shield on T-Base - 30" x 24"

Accommodating shielding for both children and adults. Adjustable height mobile shield that adjusts from 8″ to 60″ are excellent for patient and staff protection during imaging procedures. All steel T-Base provide excellent stability and confidence in no-tipping. Easy movement around the room and the unique base allows easy positioning around equipment and wall stands. Posi-Lock height adjustable arm with spring-loaded pin.

Made of durable nylon blue  fabric and 0.5mm Pb equivalency protection.  One year warranty. Quick and easy assembly.

2 years ago
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Portable Adjustable X-Ray Shield – Ships in 2 Days!

Portable Shield is ideal for patient protection during diagnostic procedures and features adjustable height from 36" to 60" (91.4cm x 152.4cm) with sturdy five leg base for stable mobility. Covered in royal blue nylon. 0.5mm Pb Equivalency. Ships in just 48 hours. Order yours today.

2 years ago
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