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Is Scatter Radiation Putting You at Risk

X-ray technologists are at risk of exposure to scatter radiation while performing diagnostic imaging procedures. Scatter radiation is a type of radiation that is emitted in various directions, rather than directly at the target area, and can potentially expose nearby organs and structures to radiation. One of the ways to minimize this exposure is by using appropriate shielding and limiting the amount of radiation used during the procedure.

Another important measure to protect against scatter radiation is for the X-ray technologist to wear protective eyewear. The eyewear, also known as radiation protective eyewear, is specifically designed to protect the eyes from scatter radiation. They are made of materials such as lead or tungsten that can effectively block or absorb the radiation before it reaches the eyes.

Wearing protective eyewear is especially important for X-ray technologists who frequently perform procedures in fluoroscopy or interventional radiography. This is because the higher the radiation dose, the greater the risk of developing cataracts or other eye problems. Additionally, even low levels of radiation exposure over an extended period of time can still increase the risk of developing eye problems and even cataracts.

It is important to note that the use of protective eyewear is not only important for the technologist but also for any other healthcare professional in the room during the procedure.  

In conclusion, protective eyewear is an essential piece of personal protective equipment for X-ray technologists. It is important for employers to provide and enforce the use of radiation protective eyewear to minimize the risk of exposure to scatter radiation and protect the health of their employees.

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Attention Football Fans: An Exclusive NFL Collection of Radiation Protection Glasses!

Z&Z Medical is proud to offer the Exclusive NFL Collection of Oakley Radiation Protection Glasses. This is an official NFL licensed glasses collection showcasing all the favorite NFL team logo and team colors on the side. This collection is unique to those who work in any profession that has exposure to radiation. These frames have a classic square hipster shape and are extremely sporty with team color designs. Pick your team’s colors and logo out of our 32 color options for the Holbrook NFL Oakley frames. This lightweight frame material makes sure you can wear these radiation safety glasses comfortably all day long. These glasses offer high-quality, distortion-free SF-6 Schott Glass Radiation-reducing lenses with .75mm lead equivalency and a high quality polycarbonate durable frame. All football fans will appreciate these glasses.   

At Z&Z Medical, we are confident that we have a wide array of glasses to protect our customers from the harmful effects of radiation. Wearing these spirited frames makes you a true fan whose loyalty goes unquestioned.  Visit our website to Pick out Your Favorite NFL Team Glasses

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The Best Protective Radiation Eyewear Against Scatter Radiation

By now, you absolutely know just how sensitive your eyes are to radiation. The International Commission on Radiological Protection changed its estimates on the threshold of absorbed dose to just 0.5 Gy. There's nothing more important than proper x-ray eye protection. Fortunately, you have a wide selection of options at Z&Z Medical!


The Dangers of Radiation Exposure to the Eyes

The development of cataracts is the biggest risk of radiation exposure to the eyes. Cataracts are the result of rapid aging in the eyes, and can lead to obscured vision or even blindness, depending on the severity of the condition. Since the ICRP reduced their recommended dose, the medical community has been urged to take greater precautions. The recommended reduction is over seven times the amount of exposure, highlighting the need for all technologists and Radiology personnel to wear better protective eyewear.


Scatter Radiation Protection For Your Eyes

Radiation glasses provide superior shielding during fluoroscopic procedures so you can be sure you're protected from scatter radiation. Glasses today are lightweight and don’t slip during long procedures. All glasses come with an adjustable croaky, cleaning cloth, and safety case.


Not Sure? Try It First!

If you're not sure that a particular pair of radiation glasses is right for you, that's not a problem. Try them for 20 days and return them for a 100% refund if for some reason they don’t fit your needs. Try out a non-prescription pair of frames and see if they fit your needs before you commit. After all, you'll be wearing this pair of glasses for a long time, so you'll want to make sure they're the best fit possible.

Whatever you do, don't hesitate to get the best possible protection for your eyes. Radiation safety glasses are an absolute must, especially when working around scatter radiation. Z&Z Medical is here to help you with selecting the best pair of radiation protection glasses on the market. Let us know if you have any questions on how we can assist you with the purchase of your new glasses.

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Keep an Eye On Radiation Protection

We hear the problems that Radiologists and technologists face on a regular basis and we work hard to try to solve those problems. It’s no secret that the lens of the eye is one of the most sensitive parts of the body when it comes to radiation. Over the last few years, numerous studies have provided great insights in the development of cataracts as a response to radiation exposure. In fact, the International Commission on Radiation Protection lowered the threshold requirement from 5 Gy to 0.5 Gy. Imaging professionals are at a high risk of developing cataracts if they don't wear protective radiation glasses.

But the problem in the past has been heavy bulky glasses that are not comfortable or slip off your nose while working. Today’s protective eyewear is comfortable and practical AND provides you the best radiation protection for the eyes!

Phillips Safety protective eyewear lenses provide .75mm Pb equivalency, more than adequate shielding from scatter radiation.  Phillips Safety radiation protection eyewear provides a higher level of comfort due to their lighter weight and soft padding. We have a wide variety of glasses, weighing as light as 60 grams, and several that can be worn for long periods of time without any discomfort.  Of course, you can always order our glasses made to fit your prescription. Finally, our glasses can be ordered with an anti-fog capability as well.

Check out our many choices of glasses that protect and that are also comfortable!

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Gucci Lead Glasses

The House of Gucci movie is scheduled to be released in theaters in the US on November 24, 2021.

Now is your chance to upgrade your radiation protection with style and sophistication from a legacy brand, Gucci.

Available in a variety of colors and styles, each pair has the iconic Gucci logo and chic look while offering top-quality protection

Shop now: Gucci Lead Glasses | Radiation Glasses | Leaded Eyewear | Z&Z Medical (

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