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C-Arm Table Radiation Scatter Drapes Offer Serious Protection

Welcome to our blog post on our exclusive C-arm table radiation scatter drape shields available from Z&Z Medical!

As a medical imaging provider, you know the importance of protecting yourself and your patients from unnecessary radiation exposure during radiology procedures. C-arm table radiation scatter drape shields are an essential tool in the medical field, helping to reduce scatter radiation and lower badge readings for the staff during C-arm procedures.

At Z&Z Medical, we are proud to offer exclusive C-arm table radiation scatter drape shields that are designed to provide superior protection when you need it most. Our drape shields are made of high-quality materials and are easy to use, making them an essential tool for any practice utilizing c-arms for imaging procedures.

Not only do our C-arm table radiation scatter drape shields provide protection for you but they can also help to lower those high badge readings by the staff in the room every day. Using these drape shields, you can help to reduce your overall radiation exposure and protect yourself and your team from unnecessary risks.

We encourage you to visit our online store to learn more about the C-arm table radiation scatter drape shields we have available. Don’t let unnecessary radiation exposure slow you down – order some of these essential drape scatter shields and start lowering your risk today!

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Are YOU Sure You Have What You Need for Radiation Protection?

Z&Z Medical’s Exclusive Single Sided Table Drape Shielding is designed to protect radiology and healthcare staff from dangerous scatter radiation. Radiation Protection Aprons are often not enough anymore. If you are dealing with High Badge Readings, consider adding another layer of protection from scatter radiation. Our Scatter Shields are perfect for reducing scatter radiation. Easily attach to any c-arm table with hook and loop attachment. Will not interfere with the x-ray image during imaging procedures. Available in a variety of sizes. Have Questions? Email or jump on our “Live Chat” feature on our website.  Either way, we are here to assist you in your radiation protection needs.

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The Best Protective Radiation Eyewear Against Scatter Radiation

By now, you absolutely know just how sensitive your eyes are to radiation. The International Commission on Radiological Protection changed its estimates on the threshold of absorbed dose to just 0.5 Gy. There's nothing more important than proper x-ray eye protection. Fortunately, you have a wide selection of options at Z&Z Medical!


The Dangers of Radiation Exposure to the Eyes

The development of cataracts is the biggest risk of radiation exposure to the eyes. Cataracts are the result of rapid aging in the eyes, and can lead to obscured vision or even blindness, depending on the severity of the condition. Since the ICRP reduced their recommended dose, the medical community has been urged to take greater precautions. The recommended reduction is over seven times the amount of exposure, highlighting the need for all technologists and Radiology personnel to wear better protective eyewear.


Scatter Radiation Protection For Your Eyes

Radiation glasses provide superior shielding during fluoroscopic procedures so you can be sure you're protected from scatter radiation. Glasses today are lightweight and don’t slip during long procedures. All glasses come with an adjustable croaky, cleaning cloth, and safety case.


Not Sure? Try It First!

If you're not sure that a particular pair of radiation glasses is right for you, that's not a problem. Try them for 20 days and return them for a 100% refund if for some reason they don’t fit your needs. Try out a non-prescription pair of frames and see if they fit your needs before you commit. After all, you'll be wearing this pair of glasses for a long time, so you'll want to make sure they're the best fit possible.

Whatever you do, don't hesitate to get the best possible protection for your eyes. Radiation safety glasses are an absolute must, especially when working around scatter radiation. Z&Z Medical is here to help you with selecting the best pair of radiation protection glasses on the market. Let us know if you have any questions on how we can assist you with the purchase of your new glasses.

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Radiation table Drapes for Scatter Protection

Z&Z Medical’s Exclusive Table Drape Single Sided Shielding is designed to protect radiology and healthcare staff from dangerous scatter radiation without obstructing the C-Arm during C-arm procedures. Pleated panels overlap 1” to provide maximum coverage without hindering c-arm tube placement. These protective drapes provide 0.5mm Pb equivalent protection and are manufactured with Lightweight Lead.  Attaches easily to any imaging table or gurney. For double sided protection, simply order two drapes (one for each side of the table/gurney). 

  • Core Material: Lightweight Lead
  • Core Material Thickness: 0.5mm Pb equivalent protection
  • Covering: Classic Easy to Clean Nylon
  • Colors: 112 Grey (default), 110 Taupe, 108 Royal Blue, 114 Black
  • Three standard widths: 24”, 36” and 48”
  • Three standard heights: 24” , 30”, and 36”

Custom table drapes are also available

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High Badge Readings Using C-Arms

Protect yourself and your staff from unnecessary scatter radiation with the use of radiation protection table drapes on your c-arm table. Radiation exposure from c-arm fluoroscopy comes from two main sources: scatter radiation from the patient and radiation leakage from the x-ray tube. Table drapes can significantly reduce the amount of radiation that affects high dosimeter badge readings by decreasing the scatter radiation. Our table drapes are manufactured with Anti-Microbial material and available in a host of Fresh Updated Colors! 

Protective Table Drapes attach quick and easy to any imaging table with hook and loop & are available in a wide variety of sizes for all your protection needs. There is no obstruction to the function of your c-arm and no obstruction to the tabletop. Our table drapes panels are sewn together unlike single panels that can easily fall off the table. Velcro is sewn at the top to easily attach to a self adhesive band placed on TOP of your c-arm table without any obstruction of the x-ray’s

Browse our table drapes to get started on a safer work environment and your best radiation protection. Have peace of mind knowing you are doing all you can to lower your radiation exposures which ultimately lower those high badge readings. Take a stance today and reach out to our customer service team to learn more about our unique table drapes!

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