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Protect Yourself from High Energy Direct Beam and Low Energy Scatter Radiation

When it comes to safeguarding against radiation exposure in cath labs and interventional radiology settings, Scatter Armor disposable radiation shields stand out as crucial protective gear. These shields are designed to mitigate the risks associated with scattered radiation during these procedures, offering a vital defense for Radiologists and other healthcare professionals.

Radiation exposure is a significant concern in various medical procedures, including X-rays, fluoroscopies, and interventional radiology. Scatter Armor disposable shields serve as a barrier, minimizing the harmful effects of scattered radiation and reducing the potential long-term health risks associated with prolonged exposure.  

“The scattered radiation from the patient comprises the main source of radiation dose to staff” – International Atomic Energy Agency

X-rays deflect off of the patient and table during interventional procedures. These shields block radiation at the source with Scatter Armor Radiation Shields  

  • Reduce chest exposure by 55-80%
  • Reduce hand exposure by more than 49%
  • Disposable, highly absorbent, and flexible.

How it Works - Sterile Scatter Armor Shields are placed on top of the patient drape to block scatter radiation at the source, creating a scatter-free zone, reducing harmful radiation exposure to the doctor or clinician.

One Time Use - Scatter Armor Shields are lead-free and disposable.

Sterile - Packaged individually in sterile packets.

Flexible - Scatter Armor Shields easily mold to the patients body for ease of use and maximum protection

Choosing the right supplier for these critical shields is paramount. Z&Z Medical stands out as a top-tier provider in the industry, known not just for the quality of the products the offer - like the Scatter Armor shields but also for their exceptional customer service.

Our commitment to excellence and our dedication to customer satisfaction sets us apart. From offering expert guidance on product selection to ensuring timely delivery and ongoing support, Z&Z Medical prioritizes the needs of our customers like you!

When it comes to safeguarding against radiation, investing in Scatter Armor disposable shields from Z&Z Medical isn't just a choice; it's a commitment to safety and quality. Our reputation for superior products and unparalleled customer service makes us the go-to option for imaging and healthcare professionals seeking reliable radiation protection. visit our website today or email us at for more information.

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C-Arm Table Radiation Scatter Drapes Offer Serious Protection

Welcome to our blog post on our exclusive C-arm table radiation scatter drape shields available from Z&Z Medical!

As a medical imaging provider, you know the importance of protecting yourself and your patients from unnecessary radiation exposure during radiology procedures. C-arm table radiation scatter drape shields are an essential tool in the medical field, helping to reduce scatter radiation and lower badge readings for the staff during C-arm procedures.

At Z&Z Medical, we are proud to offer exclusive C-arm table radiation scatter drape shields that are designed to provide superior protection when you need it most. Our drape shields are made of high-quality materials and are easy to use, making them an essential tool for any practice utilizing c-arms for imaging procedures.

Not only do our C-arm table radiation scatter drape shields provide protection for you but they can also help to lower those high badge readings by the staff in the room every day. Using these drape shields, you can help to reduce your overall radiation exposure and protect yourself and your team from unnecessary risks.

We encourage you to visit our online store to learn more about the C-arm table radiation scatter drape shields we have available. Don’t let unnecessary radiation exposure slow you down – order some of these essential drape scatter shields and start lowering your risk today!

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Are YOU Sure You Have What You Need for Radiation Protection?

Z&Z Medical’s Exclusive Single Sided Table Drape Shielding is designed to protect radiology and healthcare staff from dangerous scatter radiation. Radiation Protection Aprons are often not enough anymore. If you are dealing with High Badge Readings, consider adding another layer of protection from scatter radiation. Our Scatter Shields are perfect for reducing scatter radiation. Easily attach to any c-arm table with hook and loop attachment. Will not interfere with the x-ray image during imaging procedures. Available in a variety of sizes. Have Questions? Email or jump on our “Live Chat” feature on our website.  Either way, we are here to assist you in your radiation protection needs.

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So Important to Protect Your Thyroid Gland While Working in Medical Imaging

The Thyroid collar is an essential protection accessory required to protect your thyroid gland. Your thyroid gland is one of the most sensitive organs in your body when it comes to radiation exposure. In fact, radiation exposure is a proven risk factor for thyroid cancer.  This small gland impacts almost all the body’s metabolic processes. Having the location close to the skin and within the trajectory of scatter radiation, it is susceptible to radiation damage and radiation-induced cancer. Moreover, the incidence of thyroid cancer has dramatically increased over the past 4 decades.

Despite these facts, many technologists are not using a thyroid shield that fits correctly or wearing one at all. Even patients are not being provided the opportunity to wear a thyroid shield for protection when the body part being x-rayed is not in the field of view. Z&Z Medical are experts in the industry when it comes to protection and for radiology healthcare professionals and the patients that are imaged. The thyroid gland should be protected from exposure with shielding whenever possible as a healthcare radiology provider and for the patients that are imaged in imaging centers every day. Make sure you have adequate protection for everyone involved. Partner with Z&Z Medical who delivers superior quality and dependable protection with every purchase.

Visit Our Website today!

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