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New MRI Safety Caution Barrier for MRI Zones 3 & 4

Z&Z Medical is excited to offer The only Automated MRI Room Caution Barrier that addresses the American College of Radiology recommendation for access restriction to the MRI room entrance in Zones 3 and 4. When MRI warning signs fail, patients and technologists’ risk physical harm, while expensive equipment is jeopardized by someone who unknowingly enters an unsecured or open MRI door. There is now a simple and effective way to diminish that risk: TechGate Auto. Every day at hospitals and health care facilities, the safety of patients, technologists and medical personnel is compromised when access to the MRI room is not adequately controlled.  The incredible magnetic field generated by the MRI cannot be seen and proper caution barriers are required to prevent inadvertent access to these conditions by unscreened individuals.

TechGate Auto allows technologists to focus on the care of patients and efficient room turnaround rather than worrying about a potential intrusion. Easy to use and designed for the MRI environment, TechGate is deployed via remote control, providing an immediate physical restriction of access to all unauthorized individuals.This unit provides a solution that is in high demand for new scanner projects. The manufacturer’s engineers can work with equipment planners & architects for a seamless project installation. Visit our website to learn more or email with any questions you may have.

6 months ago
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