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Today is National Cat Day

National Cat Day is celebrated on October 29th each year. The day is intended to celebrate cats and encourage adoption. It’s also a time to donate blankets, food and toys to animal welfare organizations or to Volunteer at your local shelter and offer to play with some cats that are available for adoption, clean cages and litter boxes or anything else they need help with. It’s the purrrrfect day to give extra attention to our feline friends.  Learn more at the National Cat Day website.

Z&Z Medical provides a wide array of imaging accessories to image our feline friends when the time occurs. Check out our Veterinary Tab on our website to learn more.

5 months ago
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Hug Your Cat Day!

Hug Your Cat Day, sometimes referred to as National Hug Your Cat Day, is an unofficial holiday celebrated on June 4. It is a perfect opportunity for all cat owners to express a little extra love to their furry companions. The origin of Hug Your Cat is unknown, but do you really need justification to give a hug to your furry friend? Go ahead and give your cat a big squeeze!

If your cat is a cuddler, consider yourself lucky. You can curl up on your couch, cuddling with your cat. In case your pet is not fond of hugs, make it quick and beware of claws. If you don’t have your own cat to hug, ask a friend who owns a cat to lend you their pet for some much needed cuddling. We are sure they won’t deny you! Or you can adopt a cat from a local shelter and hug your new pet as much as you want.

While today is the day to love on cats, keep in mind that good health and regular visits to the veterinarian for checkups is important. Z&Z Medical carries a full line of imaging accessories to help veterinary facilities image our furry friends. Keep us in mind when you need to update your facility for positioning accessories or radiation protection.

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