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National Home Health Care Month

National Home Health Care Month is a time to honor the families, friends and professional caregivers dedicated to helping older adults and disabled individuals remain in their homes. Home healthcare is useful in getting diagnosis and treatment of the disease among patients at home. Home healthcare provides wide range of health care services which are usually more convenient and provided at door steps. It includes skilled medical professionals, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, skilled nursing care, and speech therapy.

Increasing prevalence of diseases such as cardiovascular, metabolic, Parkinson's diseases, infectious diseases (HIV/AIDS) and others have led the demand for home healthcare. Hospitalization for long term is not carried out in hospitals which has led to the introduction of home healthcare. Home healthcare provides better treatment facilities with skilled professionals for patients suffering from diseases. For instance, according to CDC, around 6.7% of the U.S. population has Coronary Artery Disease in 2017. This has led the demand for long term care for the patients at home. It’s not just the elderly who can benefit from at-home care. About 5.6 million children in the United States receive at least 5.1 hours of medical care at home

Benefits of Home Healthcare
• Safety, Comfort and Convenience
• Relief for Family Caregivers
• Prevents Avoidable Trips to the Hospital
• Saves Money
• High Quality
• Personalized Care
• Team of Professionals


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