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Vinyl Bolsters are Easy to Clean and Keep Patients in Position

X-ray procedures often require patients to be positioned in specific ways to ensure accurate images or scans. Bolsters are used to help position and support the patient during these procedures, and Z&Z Medical offers a line of high-quality vinyl bolsters that are in stock and ready to ship.

One of the key features of these vinyl bolsters from Z&Z Medical is their high-quality construction. They are made from durable vinyl material that can withstand repeated use and are easy to clean and disinfect with wipes or spary.  

Another unique feature of these bolsters is that they do not have a Velcro closure. Velcro closures can be a source of contamination and can also wear out quickly. The bolsters from Z&Z Medical are designed with a smooth surface that can be easily wiped clean, which helps to prevent cross-contamination and prolong the life of the bolster.

The vinyl bolsters from Z&Z Medical are also in stock and ready to ship. This means that they can be ordered and received quickly, which is important for clinics and hospitals that need to have these bolsters on hand for procedures. The bolsters come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate different patient positioning needs.

In conclusion, vinyl bolsters from Z&Z Medical are a high-quality, cost-effective option for clinics and hospitals looking for bolsters that can be used during diagnostic imaging and ultrasound procedures. The lack of a Velcro closure, high-quality construction and in-stock availability make them a great choice for any facility.  

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