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What is Your Company’s’ DNA?

Organizations and companies are like people. They evolve and change over time. Like people, companies reflect their creators, their environments, their obstacles, and their strengths. They carry a core instruction set that informs he actions and outcomes of its work. It’s important to have a real understanding of your company’s DNA to be able to thrive and to win, as changes occur down the road. The key to maximizing the competitive advantage is to pinpoint that DNA and use it to grow.  There are 6 basic principles for working on your company’s DNA.

  1. Know your company’s identity.
  2. Execute a strategic plan
  3. Understand information flow processes
  4. Listen to the market and adapt to it
  5. Base performance on interdependent factors
  6. Understand that Intangibles are important


Success today is as dependent on who a company is as much as on what it does. Knowing your company’s DNA and working with it – rather than against it- paves the paths to success for years to come. Knowing what you’re made of helps you make something of it. Z&Z Medical is proud to be a small family owned Midwest company that is focused on providing the healthcare community with the tools that empower them to build healthier lives. Our promise is to go the extra mile to build long term relationships and to be honest, people focused, responsive, forward thinking, and exude quality.  This mission, our promise and principles are proudly displayed in our office.

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Z&Z Medical Staff, Model & Company Goals


The staff at Z & Z Medical is made up of some of the most qualified and courteous individuals that any company could ever have working for them.  We place customer service as our most important concern and complete customer satisfaction is our number one goal.  Every customer is the most important customer we have. Regardless of the size of their company or as an individual, we value every customer that chooses to do business with Z&Z Medical. With our direct ties to the Midwest and Southern regions of the US, we have a very strong work ethic and a very high value for the care and concern of our families.  Work is very important to us, but families make life worth living. 



Z&Z Medical operates as a company that provides sales and service of products to customers in the medical industry. Our primary focus is on products in the radiology field. We continually evaluate products in various fields and strive to select those that best fit the high level of quality that we want to provide our customers. We strive to make the buying process as quick and easy as possible for the customer out of respect of their time.


Company Goals

One of our goals is to acquire and keep customers through a long-term relationship that is beneficial to both Z&Z Medical and the customer. We are not interested in quick sales to boost monthly quotas or profit, rather to establish a relationship with the customer that will continue for many years. Another critical goal is to purchase products as close to the point of manufacture, eliminating as many middlemen as possible. We strive to find vendors with similar business practices to ours. They must have good quality products, be responsive to our needs and the needs of our customers. We also offer products manufactured specifically for Z&Z Medical. These unique items allow us to offer our customers the best quality and price in the industry as well as control of the quality of these items directly with the manufacture. We try to maintain a list of products that is of the highest quality and offer them at the most affordable price to all our customers.

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