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MRI Accidents like this can be avoided!

Accidents like this should never happen! Injuries to Staff and Damage to Property can be avoided when the necessary safety measures are in place. It is critical to Update the Safety in Your MRI Facility and don't take for granted that all is ok with your written safety plan. According to a recent social media post, last week a prominent hospital in California had a major accident in the MRI Suite resulting in significant damage, and injury to staff.  The MRI tech was not in the room, MRI table was outside of the MRI room, Nurse and tech-aide brought patient into the MRI room on a non-safe MRI stretcher. Patient was thrown from the bed and the nurse incurred a broken femur and pelvis.

We all know that MRI uses a powerful magnetic field to produce detailed images of internal organs and structures of the body. While MRI is generally considered a safe procedure, it can pose significant risks to patients and staff if proper safety measures are not followed.  The accident above could have been prevented with the use of a safety device like TechGate from Z&Z Medical. 

TechGate is a device designed to prevent ferromagnetic objects from being brought into the MRI room. Ferromagnetic objects, such as oxygen cylinders, wheelchairs, and gurneys can be attracted to the strong magnetic field of the MRI machine and become dangerous projectiles like shown in the photo above. TechGate uses a series of sensors and alarms to detect the presence of ferromagnetic objects and prevent them from entering the MRI room.

MRI safety is essential for the well-being of patients and staff members. The use of safety devices like TechGate can help to prevent accidents and reduce the risk of injury. It is important for healthcare providers to prioritize MRI safety and ensure that all necessary precautions are taken to protect patients and staff members.

In addition to using safety devices like TechGate, healthcare providers should also follow best practices for MRI safety, such as screening patients for contraindications, ensuring that all staff members are properly trained on MRI safety, and following established protocols for MRI procedures.

MRI is a valuable diagnostic tool that has revolutionized medical imaging. By prioritizing MRI safety and using tools like TechGate, healthcare providers can ensure that patients and staff members can continue to benefit from this technology without unnecessary risks.

Learn how to protect your facility from these horrific accidents. Protect your staff and patients! To learn more, visit our website MRI Safety Accessories - Z&Z Medical, Inc. ( or email to learn more.

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MRI Safety Week – Update your MRI Screening Metal Detectors!

Do you have an updated handheld metal detector? Z&Z Medical carries several metal detectors to meet your facility needs. Including our newest model – the 3-mode scanner for screening both ferrous and nonferrous metallic items and comes with a charger and carrying case.  We also have a powerful rare-earth handheld magnet that is ideal for screening possible ferromagnetic properties prior to entering the MRI environment. It also comes with a nice foam padded case to store when not in use.  If you’re simply needing a basic hand-held metal detector, our Garrett Super Scanner is the long-time favorite and top seller.  This one ships in just 24-48 hours.


Whatever the level of sensitivity that you need, we have hand held detectors that will work for you!  Reach out to our customer service team with any questions that you may have or visit our website.

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