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MRI Accidents like this can be avoided!

Accidents like this should never happen! Injuries to Staff and Damage to Property can be avoided when the necessary safety measures are in place. It is critical to Update the Safety in Your MRI Facility and don't take for granted that all is ok with your written safety plan. According to a recent social media post, last week a prominent hospital in California had a major accident in the MRI Suite resulting in significant damage, and injury to staff.  The MRI tech was not in the room, MRI table was outside of the MRI room, Nurse and tech-aide brought patient into the MRI room on a non-safe MRI stretcher. Patient was thrown from the bed and the nurse incurred a broken femur and pelvis.

We all know that MRI uses a powerful magnetic field to produce detailed images of internal organs and structures of the body. While MRI is generally considered a safe procedure, it can pose significant risks to patients and staff if proper safety measures are not followed.  The accident above could have been prevented with the use of a safety device like TechGate from Z&Z Medical. 

TechGate is a device designed to prevent ferromagnetic objects from being brought into the MRI room. Ferromagnetic objects, such as oxygen cylinders, wheelchairs, and gurneys can be attracted to the strong magnetic field of the MRI machine and become dangerous projectiles like shown in the photo above. TechGate uses a series of sensors and alarms to detect the presence of ferromagnetic objects and prevent them from entering the MRI room.

MRI safety is essential for the well-being of patients and staff members. The use of safety devices like TechGate can help to prevent accidents and reduce the risk of injury. It is important for healthcare providers to prioritize MRI safety and ensure that all necessary precautions are taken to protect patients and staff members.

In addition to using safety devices like TechGate, healthcare providers should also follow best practices for MRI safety, such as screening patients for contraindications, ensuring that all staff members are properly trained on MRI safety, and following established protocols for MRI procedures.

MRI is a valuable diagnostic tool that has revolutionized medical imaging. By prioritizing MRI safety and using tools like TechGate, healthcare providers can ensure that patients and staff members can continue to benefit from this technology without unnecessary risks.

Learn how to protect your facility from these horrific accidents. Protect your staff and patients! To learn more, visit our website MRI Safety Accessories - Z&Z Medical, Inc. ( or email to learn more.

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Step Up Your Game With These MRI Accessories

On the heels of the recent MRI conference in London, we thought it would be a good time to discuss some popular MRI accessories. Buying MRI-specific accessories are simply a must for all MRI facilities, especially considering the dangers of bringing in non-MRI materials into an MRI room. Patient protection pads, positioning sponges, scanning wands, Warning Signs and Stickers, we offer a wide range of useful tools to make sure your MRI rooms are both comfortable and safe for your patients.


Our Amazing MRI Patient Protection Pads

These MRI pads are popular with technologists and patients alike. For technologists, they're not only easy to use, but they also prevent the risk of thermal injury during MRI. For patients, they make long procedures much more comfortable with their advanced viscoelastic material. Increased patient comfort means less movement during procedures and better images as a result. Patient protection pads boast many properties useful in MRI, like radiolucency, water and moisture resistant and easy sanitization and cleaning. These items are a must for MRI.


Get Better Results With MRI Positioning Aids

We offer positioning sponges designed specifically for MRI. They are compact to allow the maximum amount of free space for patients. They fit to the contours of the patient and promote a better experience and better image results. Look into our MRI positioning sponge kits to make sure you have every positioning aid you might need in an MRI room. These heat-sensitive, latex-free sponges offer unparalleled benefits for patient handling in MRI.


The right MRI accessories help you get the job done and leave your patients with a much better experience. Enhance your patient's MRI experience by taking advantage of our MRI-safe offerings and consider a greater use of warning signs around the MRI room to raise awareness of the importance of MRI safety. For all of your MRI Supplies and Accessories, come see what Z&Z Medical has to offer.

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NEW ASTM MRI Safety Labels – In Stock!

The labeling of devices as MR Safe, MR Conditional, and MR Unsafe is important for ensuring the well-being of a patients and MRI & Healthcare staff. These ASTM Labels are in conformance with the latest standards for MRI marking. We have a variety of label qty’s  to properly mark your existing magnetic and nonmagnetic supplies and equipment. Semi-permanent adhesive. Order multi-packs that contain MR SAFE, MR CONDITIONAL and MR UNSAFE stickers, or order only what you need. Available in our MRI section of our website and can ship in 24-48 hours.  Update your safety standards today.

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