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NEW Transport Wheelchairs

Are you in need of a reliable, affordable transport wheelchair? Look no further than Z&Z Medical's new 19" transport wheelchairs!

At Z&Z Medical, we understand the importance of mobility and accessibility for those who require a wheelchair. That's why we're proud to offer our latest line of transport wheelchairs, which are designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience.

Our new 19" transport wheelchairs feature lightweight aluminum frames that make them easy to maneuver, even in tight spaces. The compact size and foldable design make them perfect for any imaging department or at home use. They also come in a variety of colors to choose from at no additional cost.

But just because our transport wheelchairs are affordable doesn't mean they're lacking in features. Our models include padded armrests and seats, footrests, and easy-to-use hand brakes for added safety.  

At Z&Z Medical, we're committed to providing high-quality, affordable medical equipment to those in need. That's why our 19" transport wheelchairs are backed by a one-year warranty, so you can have peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

So why choose Z&Z Medical for your transport wheelchair needs? Not only do we offer competitive pricing and top-quality products, but we also pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. Our team of experts is always here to answer any questions you may have and provide personalized recommendations to ensure you get the right product for your unique needs.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a reliable, comfortable, and affordable transport wheelchair, look no further than Z&Z Medical's new 19" models. Contact us today to learn more and place your order!

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We Can Meet Your Transportation Needs

November 1-7 is National Patient Transport Week. The members of the National Association of Health Care Transport Management (NAHTM) recognize that the key to timely and caring patient transportation is the staff who provides this transportation. NAHTM acknowledges that patient transportation professionals are a key component to patient flow and deserve a week of their own to celebrate their unique impact on healthcare.

Z&Z Medical also recognizes the importance of good quality equipment for the staff who transport patients. We carry a wide array of Wheelchairs and Stretchers to meet a variety of transportation needs.  Visit our website to learn more.


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Put an End to Wheelchair Theft

All medical facilities have to deal with theft at some point. Equipment of all sorts can go missing in a hospital and administrators know all too well, wheelchairs seem to be at the top of the list. Wheelchair theft is extremely costly for medical facilities and replacing them can really add up, making a significant impact on a hospital's budget. Unfortunately, theft is almost inevitable. Fortunately, anti-theft chairs greatly reduce the number of wheelchairs that are stolen. Fortunately, Z&Z Medical has these anti-theft wheelchairs available. 

Wheelchair Theft is a Major Concern

Did you know that every year, most facilities report a 10 percent loss in their wheelchair fleet - a number that can sometimes reach up to 25 percent? Since many wheelchairs can cost between $500-700, it's easy to see why wheelchair theft can have big financial repercussions. It also explains the growing popularity of the anti-theft wheelchair.

How do Anti-Theft Wheelchairs Work?

Most people tend to think of anti-theft chairs as the ones with the big pole on the back. And they're right. But there are other reasons why an anti-theft chair is so effective. The anti-fold bar and the anti-theft nuts on the front riggings make it nearly impossible to put a chair in the back of a car, which is the most common way wheelchairs are stolen. The best part? There's no negative effect on the patient's comfort or the attendant's ability to transport the patient.


Why Buy an Anti-Theft Wheelchair?

The answer is simple: the bottom dollar. Anti-theft wheelchairs aren't that much more expensive than standard chairs and they eliminate the cost of replacing a stolen wheelchair. They come in different sizes and have a 500 pound weight capacity to make them capable of transporting patients of all types. These chairs are a no-brainer, especially for facilities that have a recurring problem of wheelchair theft.

What are you waiting for? Save your facility the money and hassle of replacing wheelchairs. Anti-theft wheelchairs are the best way to combat theft around your hospital. The added expense is negligible compared to costs of restocking your fleet. Come visit the Z&Z Medical Website  to learn about these wheelchairs and start saving today!


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