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This is National Transportation Week: Z&Z Medical has all your transportation needs!

November 5-11 is National Patient Transport Week. The members of the National Association of Health Care Transport Management (NAHTM) recognize that the key to timely and caring patient transportation is the staff who provides this transportation. NAHTM acknowledges that patient transportation professionals are a key component to patient flow and deserve a week of their own to celebrate their unique impact on healthcare.

Z&Z Medical also recognizes the importance of good quality equipment for the staff who transport patients. We carry a wide array of Wheelchairs and Stretchers to meet a variety of transportation needs.  Visit our website to learn more.


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Everett & Jennings Revolutionary New Bariatric Folding Economy Wheelchair

For individuals with limited mobility, a reliable and comfortable wheelchair can make a world of difference. Recognizing the importance of accessibility and convenience, Everett & Jennings, a renowned medical equipment manufacturer, has launched the EJ777-3 Folding Economy Wheelchair. This cutting-edge mobility aid is set to revolutionize the lives of users, offering a perfect blend of functionality, portability, and affordability.  

The EJ777-3 Folding Economy Wheelchair is designed with portability in mind. Thanks to its innovative folding mechanism, the wheelchair can be easily compacted and stored, making it an ideal travel companion for users on the go. Whether it's a family outing, a doctor's appointment, or a leisure trip, the EJ777-3 ensures that users can maintain their active lifestyle without the burden of a cumbersome mobility aid. One of the standout features of the EJ777-3 is its lightweight yet robust construction. Built from high-quality materials, this wheelchair strikes the perfect balance between durability and ease of use. Users can rely on its sturdiness and long-lasting performance, while also benefiting from the convenience of a lightweight design that makes self-propelling and maneuvering a breeze. The EJ777-3 Folding Economy Wheelchair boasts a user-friendly design that enhances the overall experience for both users and caregivers. Its adjustable footrests, armrests, and seat height allow for personalized comfort, while the flip-back armrests facilitate easy side transfers. The user-friendly nature of this wheelchair makes it an ideal choice for individuals of varying needs and abilities.

Everett & Jennings has taken accessibility a step further by ensuring that the EJ777-3 remains budget-friendly without compromising on quality. This makes the wheelchair a cost-effective solution for users and healthcare facilities alike, allowing more individuals to access reliable and efficient mobility assistance.

The EJ777-3 Folding Economy Wheelchair from Everett & Jennings embodies a perfect fusion of convenience, comfort, and accessibility. With its ingenious folding mechanism, lightweight design, and user-friendly features, this mobility aid empowers users to maintain an active and independent lifestyle without breaking the bank. By prioritizing portability and durability, Everett & Jennings has created a wheelchair that caters to the needs of diverse users, offering a reliable solution for those with limited mobility. As this groundbreaking product sets new standards in the mobility aid industry, the EJ777-3 serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment for individuals seeking enhanced mobility and freedom in their daily lives. 

Visit our website today to learn more or email customer service at with any questions you may have.

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Introducing the Regency Bariatric XL 2002 Wheelchair

In the world of mobility aids, accessibility and comfort are of paramount importance. GrahamField Medical, a leading manufacturer of durable medical equipment, has recently unveiled its latest innovation, the Regency Bariatric XL 2002 Wheelchair. This remarkable wheelchair sets new standards in the industry with its impressive weight capacity of 600 lbs and a spacious 26-28" wide seat. Designed to meet the needs of individuals requiring extra support and stability, the Regency Bariatric XL 2002 is a game-changer in the field of bariatric mobility.

Unmatched Weight Capacity: One of the standout features of the Regency Bariatric XL 2002 Wheelchair is its exceptional weight capacity. With a staggering capability of accommodating up to 600 lbs, this wheelchair offers a safe and reliable solution for individuals with higher weight requirements. This impressive weight capacity ensures that users can confidently and comfortably navigate their surroundings without the worry of compromising their safety or the wheelchair's integrity.

Comfort Redefined: Understanding the importance of comfort for extended periods of use, Regency Healthcare has engineered the Bariatric XL 2002 with an extra-wide seat measuring 26-28 inches. This spacious seating area provides ample room for individuals with larger body frames, allowing them to sit comfortably and without feeling constricted. The wheelchair's ergonomic design also includes padded armrests and a plush cushioned seat, ensuring optimal comfort throughout the day.

Durability and Stability: The Regency Bariatric XL 2002 Wheelchair is built to withstand the rigors of daily use. Constructed with high-quality materials and a robust frame, this wheelchair offers exceptional durability, providing users with long-lasting reliability. Its reinforced frame design, coupled with heavy-duty wheels, contributes to enhanced stability, ensuring smooth and secure movement over various terrains.

Maneuverability and Accessibility: Despite its impressive weight capacity and size, the Regency Bariatric XL 2002 remains surprisingly maneuverable. Equipped with large, easy-glide wheels, this wheelchair offers excellent maneuverability, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The wheelchair's thoughtful design also includes swing-away footrests and removable armrests, allowing for easy transfers and accessibility.

In the realm of bariatric mobility aids, the Regency Bariatric XL 2002 Wheelchair stands out as an exceptional choice. Its remarkable weight capacity of 600 lbs, combined with a generously wide seat of 26-28 inches, ensures a comfortable and secure experience for individuals with specific mobility needs. Visit our website to learn more.  

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Wrangle in Wheelchair Theft with Z&Z Medical Anti-Theft Wheelchair Options

Theft happens! It cannot be completely avoided; unfortunately, it WILL occur. Theft is a fact of life for healthcare institutions, from gloves … to ultrasound machines … to wheelchairs. It’s almost like the wild, wild west out there when it comes to inventory control.

People can get prickly when you implement a theft prevention process. Don’t let that faze you from doing it! Hospitals must manage wheelchair and mobility device theft more often with protocol than technology.

Use some of the following strategies to help prevent theft in your hospital:

  1. 1. Anti-theft device installation: Z&Z Medical carries an Everest & Jennings® Anti-Theft wheelchair that offers a Hospital Transport wheelchair that includes all these features below without having to order each separately. The Traveler HTC features an anti-theft pole, a fixed attendant push handle that acts as an anti-fold device, fixed, non-removable anti-tippers and arms, and front-rigging anti-theft nuts, as well as other convenient features. You CAN however, add these additional anti-theft features to most Everest & Jennings Wheelchairs that we carry.

  • Anti-theft post:This device, so tall it cannot go through most doors, can help prevent wheelchair removal. However, some hospitals find this accessory interferes with IV poles or other attachments, so it may not be practical everywhere.

  • Front rigging anti-theft nuts:Anti-theft nuts secure front rigging, preventing users from removing or misplacing it. These could prevent the removal of front rigging. Several Everest & Jennings wheelchair models also offer fixed, non-removable front rigging which may be practical in places where there is likely to be front rigging theft.

  • Anti-fold bar: An anti-fold bar prevents the wheelchair from folding, making theft much more difficult, since a wheelchair cannot be quickly folded and stashed in a getaway car. Hospitals have used wheelchair anti-folding measures for many years.

3. Escort/Transportation Department protocols: Since these departments are the ones using facility wheelchairs the most, They should maintain control of traffic record-keeping.

4. Assure all wheelchairs are quickly identifiable: This could be upholstery color or a logo design on the back. The Everest & Jennings brand offers a Custom Color Upholstery program to provide an immediate visual check that a wheelchair is in the appropriate place.

5. Surveillance system installation and monitoring:  All-time cameras, motion sensors, RFID, etc. — though not all hospitals have developed RFID systems, the ones who have still faced the problem of being unable to act quickly enough to catch the thief. Such a system allows traceability and could serve as the early detection of a flaw in wheelchair allocation systems.

6. Accurate medical device record-keeping — especially if it has wheels: Every department should be responsible for its equipment, and the best way to keep track of a wheelchair is by its serial number. All Everest & Jennings wheelchairs have serial number decals, unique to each wheelchair, located on the crossbrace. This information will also help provide an accurate police report if a wheelchair is actually stolen.

7. Review and act on theft statistics: If a hospital notices that a certain facility location is robbery-prone, staff can use this information to improve systems. Take action when you catch a thief in your facility.

8. Measure department performance, including how Hospital Employees and Staff engage with anti-theft protocol and policy: Theft is performed by people, and the best way to prevent it is with people as well. Each hospital must create protocols that embrace cost savings and ownership of the tools staff need to perform their jobs. Engage employees to achieve success in managing a problem that is inherent to the hospital workplace.

Z&Z Medical can help you with wrangling in your wheelchair theft. Email us at info@zzmedical for more ideas and advice.

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New Stackable Transport Wheelchairs from Z&Z Medical

Mobility is a critical aspect of healthcare, and transport wheelchairs play a vital role in ensuring patients can move around hospitals and medical imaging facilities with ease. However, traditional transport wheelchairs can take up a lot of space, making it challenging for medical facilities to store and transport them efficiently. To address this issue, Z&Z Medical has introduced a new range of stackable transport wheelchairs designed to save space!

The new range of transport wheelchairs from Z&Z Medical is specifically designed to be stackable, allowing hospitals, medical clinics, and imaging facilities to store them in a compact space. This feature is especially crucial for hospitals and medical facilities with limited storage space, where it can be challenging to accommodate traditional transport wheelchairs. With the stackable design, facilities can now store more wheelchairs in the same space, freeing up valuable room.

The new range of transport wheelchairs from Z&Z Medical features a lightweight aluminum frame, making it easy for hospital staff to stack and move the chairs around. This feature is especially critical during emergencies when multiple patients need to be transported simultaneously.

The transport wheelchairs from Z&Z Medical are also designed with patient comfort and safety in mind. The chairs come with folding armrests and footrests, ensuring that patients can sit comfortably during transport. 

Overall, the new range of stackable transport wheelchairs from Z&Z Medical is a game-changer for hospitals and facilities looking to save space and streamline their transport processes. With the stackable design, hospitals can store and transport more wheelchairs at once, improving efficiency and patient care. Additionally, the chairs' lightweight, durable design ensures that they will last for many years, making them a wise investment for hospitals looking to upgrade their transport equipment.

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