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X-Ray Image Receptors Can Be Contaminated Between Patients

STOP putting patients at risk. Avoid cross-contamination and the spread of germs by utilizing disposable covers that are designed for Radiology Cassettes and Imaging Receptors. Z&Z Medical is your source for X-Ray Cassette Covers and Bags for protection of your x-ray cassettes, CR Cassettes and DR Panels.  Radiography plays a very important role in medical diagnosis, but the equipment and accessories used during imaging bear a considerable risk of harboring nosocomial bacteria which could complicate a patient’s original condition. In one study, the x-ray cassette or imaging receptor recorded the highest number of times that bacteria were seen with coliform being isolated most often. [1] 

Another study demonstrated that x-ray cassette surfaces that came in contact with patients were contaminated with MRSA and MRSH. Because x-ray cassettes/image receptors are possible fomites for the transmission of MRSA and other contagious pathogens, the application of contamination barriers were highly recommended. [2]

And yet another article talks about the 2+ million nosocomial infections that occur every year in the USA and the investigation of how long bacteria can survive on an x-ray cassette/image receptor. This investigation verified that common potentially pathogenic bacteria can survive for prolonged periods of time on radiographic imaging receptors and may be transmitted to patients, radiologic technologists, or other health care personnel.[3]

It’s important to stop the spread of infection with disposable cassette and DR panel covers. Since research shows that these imaging plates are a potential source of ross infection, the Diagnostic imaging Departments may be partly responsible for adding to the transference of pathogens around the hospital.[4]  Available in a variety of sizes and closure options, these bags are great for use in the ER, OR, Surgery Centers, CCU, ICU, Mobile Imaging, or anywhere there is a risk for transmitting infection. It’s important to protect your employees from handling contaminated equipment and protect your cassettes and DR panels from any damaging fluid.

  • Heavy duty and leak-proof
  • Radiolucent
  • Designed to keep Imaging Receptors Dry & Clean
  • Specially designed to fit most imaging receptor sizes
  • Non-Sterile 2 mil polyethylene
  • Available in both flip top and ziplock closures


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