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Replacement CT Table Pads and Slickers: Where to Start...

The cost of replacing a table pad for CT can often be costly. Fortunately, Z&Z Medical has several replacement options to work with any CT unit. We have pads and slickers for both GE, Siemens, Phillips, Toshiba and Neusoft units.

Z&Z Medical can customize a CT Table Pad that will work with any width and length table. Our Custom Radiolucent CT Table Pads are high quality customized pads to fit your specific CT table. Comfortable for patients and are very easy to clean and disinfect with a mild cleaner or germicide. These pads are less expensive than your OEM table pads but do not have flaps like the CT slickers. These pads are available in two cover materials: 4-way stretch premium antimicrobial comfort fabric (Blue) and in Tan or White Medical Grade Heavy Gauge Vinyl. Velcro is available for the bottom if needed. Simply complete this Custom Table Pad Form and email it to for an official quote.

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