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Stock up on Mammography Accessories

March is a great time to take the opportunity to stock your facilities with mammography accessories for the rest of the year. While technologists are well aware of the importance of mammography exams, they may not be aware of all the useful mammography accessories that are. available for their workplace.

Mammography Skin Markers – Our mammography skin markers allow for clear nipple, mole, and scar identification without artifacts. We have skin markers that are manufactured specifically for digital 3D imaging too.    

Many facilities perform breast biopsies and surgeries and having the necessary items post – op can go a long ways for your patients. We have a wide variety of Breast Binders, Compression Bras, and Drain Pouches in several colors and sizes. We also have Purple Skin Marking Pens that are easy to use and see on the patients skin. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with all that we have to offer.

We have Mammo Fresh Wipes for Pre-Procedures and ReFresh Deodorant Wipes for Post procedures. We also offer two sizes of cold packs that can also be used after breast biopsies: 3” Circle cold pack and 4” Quad Cold pack.

Gown & Blanket Warmers – Nothing calms the nerves of an anxious patient more than a warm blanket. These portable blanket warmers are perfect for imaging and stereotactic biopsy rooms. We have three sizes to choose from.

Believe it or not, we offer even more amazing mammography accessories that will help you and your patients in the fight against breast cancer. Come check out these items and more at our website.

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