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Innovative Mobility and Stability: Introducing the 4-Motion Dual Post Mobile Imaging Table

In the realm of healthcare, precision and patient comfort are paramount. That's why we're thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our medical imaging table lineup—the 4-Motion Dual Post Mobile Imaging Table. This innovative table is designed to provide both mobility and stability, ensuring a smooth and secure imaging experience for patients and radiology professionals alike.

Key Features of the 4-Motion Dual Post Mobile Imaging Table:

  1. Float Top Design: The table features a float top design, which allows for versatile movement in multiple directions. This dynamic functionality ensures that patients can be easily positioned for various imaging procedures, minimizing the need for repositioning and reducing patient discomfort.

  2. Multiple Movement Locks: To guarantee patient safety during imaging procedures, the 4-Motion Dual Post Mobile Imaging Table is equipped with multiple movement locks. These locks can be engaged to secure the table in place, preventing unintended motion and ensuring precise imaging results.

  3. 450 lb Weight Capacity: This imaging table is built to accommodate a wide range of patients, with an impressive weight capacity of 450 pounds. This capacity ensures that the table can safely support even larger individuals, offering inclusivity and flexibility in healthcare settings.

  4. Smooth Mobility: Despite its stability and weight capacity, this table doesn't compromise on mobility. It features smooth-rolling casters that allow for easy transportation and positioning within medical facilities, ensuring that patients can be efficiently moved to the imaging area.

  5. Comfort and Convenience: The table's design prioritizes patient comfort, with a padded surface that ensures a pleasant experience during imaging procedures. Additionally, its user-friendly controls make adjustments easy for medical professionals, enhancing workflow efficiency.


The 4-Motion Dual Post Mobile Imaging Table is more than just a piece of equipment; it's a valuable asset for imaging facilities seeking to provide high-quality imaging services. Here's how it contributes to precision and patient well-being:

  1. Accurate Imaging: The table's stability, multiple movement locks, and float top design enable precise patient positioning, ensuring that imaging procedures capture the necessary information with minimal adjustments.

  2. Patient Comfort: The padded surface and weight capacity of 450 pounds prioritize patient comfort and inclusivity, promoting a positive experience during imaging sessions.

  3. Streamlined Workflow: Radiology professionals will appreciate the ease of use and mobility, which streamline the imaging process and enhance efficiency in healthcare settings.

  4. Versatile Application: The table is suitable for a wide range of imaging procedures, making it a versatile tool that can meet the needs of various medical specialties.


The 4-Motion Dual Post Mobile Imaging Table represents a significant advancement in medical equipment, blending mobility, stability, and patient comfort seamlessly. It is a testament to our commitment to enhancing healthcare precision while ensuring a positive patient experience. By choosing this imaging table, radiology facilities can invest in both the well-being of their patients and the efficiency of their workflow. It's a win-win solution that empowers medical professionals to provide precise, reliable, and compassionate care. Visit our website to learn more!

7 months ago
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New Extremity Support X-Ray Table from Z&Z Medical

This is a sturdy compact & mobile x-ray table that allows you to take extremity X-Rays without having the patient sit on the floor or hold a cassette on their lap. The gas lift makes it versatile for both upper and lower extremities changing the table height is a simple as lifting a lever. The X-ray table has an attractive & durable laminate finish with grid markings & non-slip compound to help position the cassette or receptor.  16" x 20" width and 22" diameter base. Visit our website to order your Extremity X-Ray Table today!

10 months ago
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Mobile X-Ray Table - just $2,250

Our Mobile X-Ray Table offers a great balance between quality, versatility, and economy. The tables are designed for extreme stability and longevity, complimented with excellent radiolucency from a tabletop to reduce radiation exposure for patients and extend the life of x-ray tubes. 

The Mobile X-Ray Table is made with a heavy-duty steel frame to provide maximum rigidity. The frame with the radiolucent tabletop can support up to a 300 lb. (136 kg) patient weight. The optional 12" drop leaf can support 20 lbs. and is available for right or left side installation. 

This table height is 28" high (71 cm) for easy patient access. The 24” width (61 cm) is standard, and the length is available at 76" (193 cm) or 56" (142 cm). The included Grid Cabinet & Cassette Tray travel the entire length of the table enabling imaging studies anywhere along the length of the table. Grid included is 103 LPI, 8:1 ratio style. Other grid styles available upon request. Will accommodate a 17"x17" cassette size DR panel. 

Comes fully assembled except for the 4 legs that must be bolted to the bottom of the table. 

Option: 24 x 72 Premium Table Pad available 

3 years ago
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