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One of the BEST Pediatric Immobilizers

The PediaGraph Immobilizer incorporates Upgraded Ergonomic Engineering Features for operational ease and patient comfort and imposes no radiation risk to medical personnel. The turntable rotates on non-stick glide pads for easy positioning. Specially designed upper body supports are furnished in three sizes to accommodate the average infant and toddler

The PediaGraph Immobilizer has received high marks after being field-tested at LeBonheur Children’s Medical Center. Many of the features were developed in response to welcome suggestions from the professionals who actually use pediatric immobilizers on a daily basis. As infants don’t understand the radiographic process, the fast positioning and easy - adjusting features of the PediaGraph Immobilizer save time and tempers and get the job done properly!  A Must-Have Pediatric Positioner for any Pediatric department or any imaging facility to sees infants and toddlers for imaging. Visit the Pediatric Section of our website to learn more about this unit.

2 years ago
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