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Digital X-Ray Viewing for Tight Spaces

In most Chiropractic and small clinic offices floor space is a premium luxury. To keep monthly rent and lease payments affordable you have to squeeze as many services as possible into the smallest space in your office. Many times, you are forced to get double duty out of one room. Adjustment or procedure rooms get used as dressing or waiting areas while office and clerical duties are performed in kitchens and breakrooms. This is especially true when it comes to the x-ray room in many practices. Since x-rays are not performed continuously throughout the day, these rooms are typically small and quite often used for other services such as massage, adjustments, and procedures. In the days of film developing, this was further complicated by the need for a darkroom. Most x-ray rooms had a darkroom located adjacent to or down the hall from x-ray. You had to leave the patient unattended while you went to develop a series of x-rays. This also took up valuable floor space.

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