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The New X-Ray Procedure Chair is a Must Have for any Imaging Department

The new X-ray Imaging Chair pushes safety, ergonomics, comfort, and imaging capabilities to a whole new level. Developed in close collaboration with Swedish radiologists, this X-ray chair offers patients the right support for a quick and safe medical imaging procedure. The radiolucent backrest of our X-ray chair allows Imaging professionals to take X-rays of the back and spine easily while the patient remains seated.  Chair can be used to stabilize patients during x-rays of the upper extremities, chest, or spine. Perfect for patients with disabilities or limited mobility.  This chair features an adjustable seat height and foldable arm rests to keep patients in a stable position when taking an x-ray image.  The chair distributes weight evenly and effectively and prevents the user from sliding forward when the seat is angled. The back edge of the X-ray chair’s seat is lowered to increase the sitting depth. This allows the patient to move backwards when the patient’s spine is stretched, reducing discomfort for the patient. Back is radiolucent!

For maximum safety, the X-ray Imaging chair has a convenient, newly designed, fully welded underframe with a safe, easily operated brake. The X-ray chair’s brake can be applied with a manual foot pedal or hand brake lever. The mechanical protractor (± 90˚ at 5-degree intervals) makes our product the perfect chair to X-ray the patient from a desired angle. The seat angle is reset when pressure is applied to the foot control at the rear of the frame.  This X-ray chair’s adjustable seat angle, forwards and backwards, makes it easy to find the correct position for the patient. A remote control is used with the X-ray chair to adjust the electric height setting of no less than 11 inches , giving imaging staff the freedom to adjust the chair even at a distance. Shop today!

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August is National ASC Month

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) serve the Healthcare market by providing a convenient alternative to the hospital for high-quality, cost-efficient surgical care. National ASC Month promotes awareness to both the public and elected officials as a surgical solution rather than the hospital surgical setting. Graham-Field’s Hausted line of Surgical Chairs and Procedural Chairs are a preferred patient handling solution in the ASC environment. Hausted procedure chairs enable the patient to stay in the same chair from pre-op to post-op, eliminating patient transfer risks to the patient and caregiver. Hausted’s general surgical and procedure chair has a radio-translucent back, enabling patients to stay in the chair during simple radiological procedures.

Have a question? Reach out to customer service at anytime. We would be happy to assist you.

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NEW Radiology Spine Chair

The Radiology Spine Chair is designed to assist patients who are unable to stand for upright standing spine images. The back of the chair is manufactured using a mesh radiolucent material that will not interfere with the spine image. 1” thick styrene pad on the back and seat provides extra comfort for the patient. This chair can be used for AP and Lateral projections. Custom safety belt for chest, hips, and legs are also included. Visit our website to learn more.

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