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Updated CT Slickers, Cushions, and Accessories are Now Available

The cost of replacing a table pad for CT can often be costly. Fortunately, Z&Z Medical has several replacement options to work with any CT unit. Our NEW and improved website makes updating your CT Slickers and or Slicker cushions easy. New updated images and descriptions for easy shopping.

CT Sicker Cushions feature a lined pad that is permanently welded inside a Slicker cover. Each Slicker cushion is designed to fit the original CT table for a specified machine.  We have Slicker Cushions  for both GE, Siemens, and  Phillips,   units.

Z&Z Medical also has a large assortment of CT Slickers to cover existing CT table pads. These slickers have either hook or loop fastener to attach to the table cradle or they will expose the hook or loop that exists on the pad. These slickers are designed to fit both GE, Siemens, Phillips, and Canon/Toshiba table pads.

If you need additional assistance with locating the best CT Slicker or product for your CT machine, please contact anytime.

11 months ago
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