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Buying Guide for Best Lead Purchase

The one thing you do not want to do is to simply search for lead aprons on the internet and purchase the first cheapest product you see. Like anything else, there are things you need to know before you make a purchase. Below are some key things to consider. 


  • Lead Protection: Not all aprons provide the same level of protection. The thickness of your lead apron will depend essentially on the intensity of radiation you’re dealing with. Most facilities require 0.5mm Pb lead equivalency. Aprons are also available in .25mm and .35mm Pb equivalency if allowed in your state or by your Radiation Safety Officer for your facility.
  • Style: The type of imaging you do on a daily basis will largely govern the type of garment that you need. Front protection garments are most commonly used in x-ray imaging departments. If you do a lot of interventional work or assist in fluoroscopy procedures, you will need a garment that protects in the front and back like a full wrap or vest and skirt. If you work in the OR, the surgical drop off aprons are perfect and worn under sterile gowns. They can easily be removed when x-ray is no longer needed and still maintain the sterile field.
  • Comfort: Lead aprons are the heaviest aprons on the market. Light weight aprons are of course lighter, but the Lead Free Aprons are the lightest AND still provide the same level of protection. Don’t sacrifice comfort when you wear your apron for long periods of time. While lead-free aprons are a little more expensive, they far out-weigh the cost of missing work from back and neck pain that hs resulted from wearing heavy lead aprons.
  • Cost: While lead aprons are the least expensive option, they are also the heaviest and don’t always offer the technologist the best option. Always check for the apron that will give you the best value for the amount of money you want to spend without sacrificing quality or protection. The prices of protective aprons will vary with different manufacturers so shop around. Most importantly look for products that will give you the best price and the best protection from harmful radiation.  


If you have narrowed down a few options and need some advice, please reach out to our customer service team anytime via Live Chat on our website, by phone, or by email at  We would love to help you find the perfect apron for you! Z&Z Medical also carries a full line of IN STOCK garments that ship in 24-48 hours!

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