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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Exclusive Closed Cell Sponges

Z&Z Medical’s Exclusive Closed Cell Sponges are made from a lightweight 100% radiolucent non-porous foam. These positioning sponges are entirely fluid resistant and easy to clean! They are also easy to disinfect with any hospital grade disinfectant and are extremely durable when compared to common open cell sponges on the market today! Our sponges feature a non-coated premium charcoal grey color and are the perfect solution for any positioning need! They can be used in MRI, CT, Nuc Med, Ultrasound and General X-Ray making them the number one option in positioning sponges.  Below are some common frequently asked questions about our new closed cell sponges.

  1. Are there any special storage requirements for closed cell foam? No. Unlike non-coated foam that will change color with exposure to room light, closed cell foam is not affected by room light.  We recommend that you store your sponges in a clean dry area when not in use to prolong the life of your sponges and to keep them clean.
  2. Are closed cell foam positioners easy to rip or tear?Unlike coated open cell foam positioners, closed cell foam is manufactured using a fine micro-cellular structure that is characterized by its firm feel. They have a much higher tensile and tear strength compared to the open cell foam positioners on the market today. Unlike coated foam products that have to be replaced if torn or punctured for infection control reasons, this does not apply to closed cell foam products as the crosslink polyethylene foam is non-porous and resistant to fluid even if punctured or torn. 
  3. I’m worried about cleaning them since they are not coated. Should I be worried? No. Closed cell sponges do not need a protective coating. The foam itself is closed cell and non-porous, meaning it will not absorb any fluids unlike the un-coated open cell sponges that are on the market. The crosslink density of this foam is extremely high, and the surface can be easily cleaned & disinfected making them an excellent positioner for any imaging facility.    


Have a question about closed cell sponges or want more information? Email our customer service team at   Please visit our easy to use e-commerce website at to see the many Closed Cell Sponges and kits that we now offer.   


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